Friday, 5 December 2014

Design Your Own Wrap From Facebook Photo's with

When I was approached by the lovely people from to design my own wrapping paper, I was thrilled. I do like to do different things from other people and to be able to wrap presents up in a wrapping paper you have designed yourself with the photos that mean alot to you is a special thing.

We chose photo's of Tilly from her last four Christmases, so we could not only see the change in her but also it gave us loads of different scenes for the wrapping paper.

Its so easy to do, all you need to do is pop over to and chooser up to a maximum of 30 pictures. Not only can you upload them from your computer but you can upload them from Instagram or Facebook too.
You choose your pictures, and if you only want one picture, then its fine but with more pictures, you get more variety on your paper. We uploaded 30 pictures and we previewed how the paper might look. If you dont like what you see, you have the option to remove some pictures by clicking them.
On the next page we could choose a white or black border, but you can also choose to not have a border at all if that's what you want. You also get to choose which size you would like and you find out how much your paper will cost.
You then go on to pay for the paper using your credit or debit card and simply wait for your paper to arrive through the post. It is sent first class and packaged well. 
The paper itself is tough and made of good quality. There is nothing worse than cheap wrapping paper that rips when your wrapping a gift up. The pictures were of a good quality, but please bear in mind that the quality will only be as good as the photos you choose, so if you choose a blurry picture, then it will be blurry on the paper. I was happy with my sheets of wrapping paper and it adds an extra touch of personalisation to your gift. I think this kind of wrapping paper is unique and is perfect for grandparents or other special family members. The single sheets of paper measure 65cm by 46cm. 

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