Saturday, 8 November 2014

Argos Christmas Wish List App - Bringing Letters To Santa Up To Date

Tilly is 4 and a half and this year for the first time ever we gave her the Argos book to do her ‘Christmas shopping’ we gave her a pen and she circled everything she wanted. But like all kids of her age, she doesn't understand the concept of how much the toy costs because as far as she is concerned Santa brings the toys. So we had to tell her that Santa wouldn't bring all the toys she wanted as its too much for the elves to make.
Argos have taken this whole way of kids choosing their Christmas presents and they have taken it into 2014. How did they do it? well they have designed the Argos Christmas Gift App for children. All you do is download it onto your Iphones, Ipads and all google phones and tablets and set the parental settings. you can choose the value of the toys they can choose and then you can choose the amount of toys they can have. You add your email address and the list can then be sent to your inbox, but secretly they think its been sent to Santa.
Pass your smart phone or tablet over to your child and they create their account. Its simple to do and all they need to do is take a selfie (Tilly's favourite kind of photo!) and write their name. Then they are ready to choose their toys. They also get chance to choose a 'helper' out of the little monsters available.

On the app the toys are all in separate sections and so easy for the smaller children that cant read to identify. All kids recognise toy logo's, so at the top of the app are all the logo's to choose from as well as sections like top toys this Xmas. So they choose what toy they would like and then they add it to their wish list. once they have chosen their gifts for their list to Santa, they get to personalise their page and they can write, draw pictures ready to send, they also get some number stickers to pop on the gifts they most want, so they put number 1 on top of their most wanted toy. Tilly put her stickers right on top of the toys pictures, but don't worry as you get a better list of what they want and catalogue numbers in your email.

When its done, you simply click to send to Santa and it is gone, soon it should arrive in your email inbox and you can then go straight to the Argos website or you can send the wish list on to Grandparents, Aunties/Uncles.

I love this app because when we give Tilly the Argos book to choose her presents, she would circle everything if she could, like most kids. But also when she has finished, we have to go through the book and then write a list. Next out of sheer panic that I may of missed a toy from the list I go through it again and again! But with this marvellous app, you simply just take your smart phone with your email to Argos and buy them then. Its so much simpler and has bought the Xmas list so up to date. I also find that we forget to send Santa a letter, so this is a great way to make sure its sorted. Lets face it kids will get to grips with this quicker than us adults as kids are growing up in a computer age.

Why not give the app a go? its free to download and is compatible with Iphones, Ipads and all google phones and tablets. unfortunately it isn't available on Kindle at the moment. 

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