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Car Travel Safety - Beltlock Review

The lovely people from Beltlock approached me and asked me if i would try out their belt lock for them. Although I don't own a car, i do travel a lot in other peoples car's, in Taxi's and on coaches - so Tilly has to always wear a seat belt! Recently Tilly was so proud with herself as she showed me that she could undo her seat belt. Kids really don't see danger do they? This made me feel more nervous about her travelling in a car, so this review couldn't of come at a better time really :)

It is a simple design and is made of orange plastic that you simply place over the seat belt reciever, before popping the seatbelt into it. Beltlock introduced the Device in 2012 and is the most affordable product for people looking to prevent children from unlocking their seatbelt whilst you are driving. BeltLock represents a effective solution to a problem that every parent faces.

When the Beltlock arrived in the post, i liked the small amount of packaging that was surrounding the product, there was no big fancy plastic package and loads and loads of writing on pages of paper. The instructions were simply written on the inside of the box. I liked this as it saved packaging, meaning the company had thought of an Eco way to supply this product.


We placed it over the seat belt receiver and plugged the seat belt in. its really as simple as that!

It doesnt effect the way that the seat belt is used and it doesnt get in the way.


The child can not open the seat belt, all the time the beltlock is in place and the seat belt is fitted properly, But in the event of an accident, or when its time to get out of the car - you simply take a key and place it between the plastic to release the seatbelt and then remove the child.
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What did i think?

I liked the idea of this because Tilly can undo the seatbelt, and like all of us, if you can do something you want to keep doing it over and over again. Beltlock is easy to use and didn't take any longer than you would normally take to put the seat belt on. Like I said earlier in the post, I am not a car owner, so this is ideal as it is small and light enough to pop into my handbag and carry around, especially for those unexpected car journeys. The only thing that I found 'awkward' about the beltlock when I tried to remove it, was that the car I tried it in had seat belt receivers pushed right into the seat, so it wasn't very flexible and there wasn't much room for manoeuvre of the Beltlock to remove it. it was a bit of a squeeze to squash my hand between the booster seat and the seatbelt. This did not affect its use in the car or on the journey at all and is just something I personally found awkward. Other than that I found this to be a great product and it is definitely worth the £10.50, after all, you cant put a price on your child's life, can you?

More Details about Beltlock

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Where can I buy this?

EU law: All children must travel in a child seat, booster seat or booster cushion.

Rule of thumb: if there's a safety belt, you must use it. It's the drivers' responsibility to be sure their passengers are using seat belts and appropriate child restraints.

The specifics:

For cars and goods vehicles (including MPV and SUVs):
  • Children under 3 can only travel in cars or goods vehicles if there are fitted with the appropriate child restraint. Taxis are exempt from this rule. 
  • Children between ages 3 and 12 must use an appropriate child restraint in cars or goods vehicles if they are fitted with safety belts 
  • If the car or goods vehicle doesn't have safety belts, they must sit in the back seat. 
  • in passenger seats with an active airbag, rear-facing child restraints must not be used. 
For buses:
  • Children between 3 and 12 must use safety belts if they are fitted 
  • If seatbelts are available, bus drivers are required to tell passengers that it is the law to wear them 
The exemptions
  • Taxis, hackneys and limousines do not need to have every kind of child restraints available 
  • A child over 3 can wear a seatbelt in the back seat of a car or a goods vehicle if there is no more room for a child safety seat 
  • If it is not possible to place your child in the back seat of your vehicle, they can ride in the passenger seat, as long as they are using the appropriate restraints. 
  • Child restraints come in several weight classes so you can find the appropriate one for your child. 
Source: The Road Safety Authority

Ensuring a child is properly restrained in a child car seat can reduce injuries by a factor of 90-95% for rear-facing seats and 60% for forward-facing seats

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