Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Whats Your Life Niggle? Triumph Are On A Mission To Help #NiggleFix

This season, to celebrate the launch of their new innovative Magic Wire bra, Triumph want to help YOU solve those ‘everyday niggles’ that crop up in your life, with their new, light-hearted #NiggleFix campaign: a platform to enable women to share those things that frustrate them on a day-to-day basis, breaking boundaries, starting conversations and allowing women to really discuss issues together, making them stronger. So get on Twitter and tweet them your niggles but dont forget to use the hashtag! My niggle is when you need to go out for the day and you carefully apply makeup, but by the time you have dashed to the town to grab the train, got on the train and travelled to London, my makeup has slipped down my face and i look like a clown on drugs! so if they could find me a non drip foundation i would be very happy indeed.

The #NiggleFix campaign comes as Triumph launches its own answer to a recent niggle: their innovative Magic Wire bra that offers all the support of a wired bra with the feel with all the comfort of a non-wired one.

As a brand that listens to women, Triumph has identified one of the biggest lingerie ‘niggles’ - the frustration of an uncomfortable bra. Triumph’s Magic Wire innovation centers on a clever little silicone piece that gives the magic of support without those painful wires digging in! It truly is a solution to an everyday problem.

With this solved, Triumph is now on the hunt to hear all about the other annoyances women across the UK face in their everyday life – like chipping freshly manicured nails, laddering new tights, purchasing those fabulous but uncomfortable heels, being treated like the family packhorse - having to carry everyone’s belongings in YOUR handbag, and of course that guy in the office that interrupts you when you speak. Bringing women together, the campaign does not focus on the social niggles but on the practical little things in life that crop up; empowering women to come together and collectively help each other find that #NiggleFix.

Whilst Triumph may not be able to solve all women’s daily discomforts, they do have the solution to our lingerie woes; their latest product launch Magic Wire aims to do just that – an innovative, non-wired yet supportive bra – available now Here

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