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As a family of people that work, live apart or go to school, we find it hard to get together to go out for a meal, and our favourite meals are pizza's. Our closest Pizza express is 20 miles away and when we feel like a pizza from Pizza Express it is easy for us to nip to Sainsburys or Tesco to grab a Pizza Express pizza.
The At Home range offers 12” thin and crispy pizzas, bringing them closer than ever before to the pizzas enjoyed in its restaurants – bravissimo!
Created by Master Pizzaiolo, Antenor Siqueira, using PizzaExpress’ original recipes, the new and improved bases are bigger, thinner and crispier – just like the best-selling Romana pizzas dished up in PizzaExpress’ restaurants. For the purpose of the Review we tried Classic Margheritta, as we have a vegetarian in the house and it went down very well. Kimmy says these are so much better than other brands and she loves the herbs on the pizza. 4 year old Tilly is a fussy eater and buying pizza for her is very difficult, but she actually ate half of the pizza :)

There are two new stone-baked pizzas as well as four improved recipes to choose from:

NEW Giardiniera – a generously topped, mouth-watering vegetarian option. Artichoke-hearts, PizzaExpress’ signature basil pesto, the same fresh closed-cup mushrooms found on PizzaExpress’ restaurant pizzas, Santos tomatoes, Italian passata, black olives, creamy mozzarella and finished with oregano and black pepper.

NEW Diavolo – back by popular demand, the restaurant version has a cult following. A devilishly hot pizza, the Diavolo is topped with spiced beef, smoky pepperoni, creamy mozzarella, Italian passata, green peppers and, for a tongue-tingling finish, roquito peppers.

Padana – a top seller with a cult following this pizza is full of flavour. It’s sweet and sharp with roundels of fresh and creamy Goat’s cheese, torn spinach, deliciously sweet caramelised red onion, sweet chutney and passata.

Pollo ad Astra – a PizzaExpress classic, this pizza is colourful, sweet and lightly spiced. It’s topped with pieces of torn chicken, light shiny red Peppadew like the ones used in PizzaExpress’ restaurants, red onion and a blast of Cajun spices.

La Reine – a simple and delicious pizza topped with Prosciutto Cotto ham from Brianza, creamy mozzarella, black shiny olives, Italian passata and fresh closed cup mushrooms. It’s finished with a generous sprinkle of oregano and black pepper.

You can pick these pizzas up at most supermarkets for £6 for a 12 inch pizza or £4.50 for a 9 inch pizza, PizzaExpress’ new Romana range of At Home pizzas are available in Sainsbury’s from 9 September and Waitrose and Tesco in October. RSP £6.

The Lovely people at PizzaExpress have given us £15.00 worth of PizzaExpress At Home pizzas, so you can create a family pizza night in the comfort of your own home, and its perfect if you dont live close to a PizzaExpress as you can experience the Yummy taste without leaving home.

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