Thursday, 10 July 2014

What Is Your Dream? You Can Make It Come True At

Lets face it! we all have a dream (or three), mine at the moment is to be able to afford new shoes and uniform for Tilly to start school in september, yes such a simple dream :)

Of course i also have the Dreams like everyone else, the dreams of a big house (we were over crowded for many years with 5 of us in a 2 bed house), i want to take Tilly on a beach Holiday somewhere nice and hot and i want to go and see my son in Norway. Sadly my dreams are out of reach at the moment .................. or are they?

I was asked to take a look at and see if i could find any dreams i like on there to make a bid on in the hope i may win.

Once you register, you can choose to buy some Dream Dollars (D$) and they are £1 - D$1. then when you have credit in your account you look through the dreams to see which dream or dreams you would like to chase. Its really simple. Once your Registered and ready to go, you screen will look like this
Next you will want to choose some dreams to buy some tickets for, so go to the search bar and choose your category. 
Now you will see an option of all the Dreams open to buy tickets for, i had 50 tickets, so i put 10 tickets on 
getting flowers every week for 3 months, i love flowers and i love the smell they bring to your home.
So as you can see below, to share my tickets between the flowers and a hot tub. You click on buy tickets and it then asks you how many you want to buyand also tells you how many tickets they have sold so far. If they dont sell all the tickets, then will refund all the ticket money and you just either find another dream to buy tickets for or you can see if this dream is going to be offered again and you wait to buy tickets for that.

When you have bought your tickets, you go to the dashboard and it shows you where you purchased tickets for, how long is left and how many tickets have been sold already. This is where you keep track.
unfortunately i didn't win either of these items, as they didn't sell enough tickets, so the money was credited back to my account and i bought tickets for another prize.

Each D$ is bought for £1 Sterling and you can buy as many as you wish, its easy to add money to the account and just click on the buy dream $ tab, and away you go! those dreams will be closer than you think. What is your dream? what would you suggest? just think you could make it come true.

The website can be found Here and they are also on Twitter and Facebook

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