Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Razor Red Knife Sharpner Review

When i was asked to Review Razor Red Knife Sharpener, ! thought that my knives are so blunt that i have nothing to lose by trying this out. It was easy to order from Amazon
 and I received the parcel within a few days. You get free delivery on it, if you choose standard delivery. It comes in an easy open package and with full instructions

The Razor Red will sharpen
Kitchen Knives even bread knives
Garden Tools like Pruning Shears, Hedge Shears
Blender Blades
Lawnmower blades

It is made with Long lasting Tough Tungsten Carbide Steel and is small and compact to use. I was really impressed with the fact that you pop the Razor Red onto your work top and pop the lever down, this then secures it to the surface, meaning it wont move whilst you sharpen and you don't need to hold the sharpener whilst you sharpen your knives too so there will be no injuries involved in the process. It is very simple to use and safe too and it takes seconds to sharpen a knife.

I did like the idea of this cool looking piece of kitchen equipment, But did it work? Yes it did! I took the Razor Red out of the packaging and popped it on to a clean, smooth surface and popped the latch down. It secured it to the surface and this little gadget wasn't going anywhere! You can do this with one hand, and then simply pick up your knife and sharpen.

So now, my knives are sharper than i remember then being and i don't need to buy new ones, meaning that getting this has saved a lot of money in the long run. Infact in the video you can see me drop the knife really quickly! its because i cut my thumb, showing that these knives were so blunt before and i didn't expect them to be that sharp.

The Razor Red is nice and compact, so it easily pops into your kitchen draw as it is only about 6cm tall. So storage isn't going to be a problem. Razor Red is a catchy name and easy to remember and everyone should get one! I would definitely get one of these if your knifes are getting blunt, well recommended.

You can buy from Amazon at the cost of £10.05 and you will get free delivery too.

 This item was sent to me for an Honest Review.

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