Thursday, 3 April 2014

Shoeps Review - who needs boring shoelaces when you can have these?

I was asked by the People from to try out some of their Shoeps. They are plastic fasteners that you use in place of shoelaces.

They are a fab idea, and so ideal for children, elderly people or people with learning disability that have problems with tying shoelaces. They are simple to add to the shoe, you take one from the packets and slide it through the eyelet of the shoe. Then you pop the hole over round moulded plastic, this fastens the shoep to the shoe. Then you put the other end of the Shoep through the corresponding eyelet of the shoe.You can buy them in one colour or a selection of colours, You can buy two basic colours and mix and match, the colour combinations are endless. 
They put a new life into old shoes and offer a trendy fashionable look to plain shoes. you can even use them in all weathers too. They are ideal for sports, football or running shoes or for office shoes. They turn the tie up shoes into a slip on shoe. They are strong and durable, easy to fit and one size fits all.

you can buy them online from for £12.99. The pack we chose were multi coloured and they come in a pack of 14, so if you only have a few eyelets in your shoes, you can make a pack fit 2 pairs of shoes or you can do what i did and give some to Kimmy, who at 21 likes to wear tie up plimsoll type shoes and some to Tilly who just loves shoes full stop! 

Watch the video to see the colours available and how to fit them. 

So to add a bit of fashion to your shoes, make them stylish or customise your own look, why not pop over to and take a look at the range of colours.

They are distributed in UK by where you can also buy shoes. You can also find Shoeps on facebook , so pop over and like the page, to keep up with the news. They are also available on Amazon.

What did we think?

Although these say they fit all sizes, they seemed a little bit big on some of the eyelets of Tillys shoes (toddler size 8). But she did like them and they were all fitted in minutes. they were easy to fit too which is a bonus. I didnt have to worry about her shoelaces coming undone anymore, making shoes safer for her to wear. Kimmy also wore some and this is what she had to say ' they were easy to put into my shoes, my shoes felt as secure as shoe laces but without the nuisance of having to tie up laces multiple times during the day and my shoes where no more difficult to put on. overall i think that they are a fab and really useful addition to my shoes' 

I would buy more of these, as they are a great accesory and unlike shoelaces that get worn away with wear and dirty, these are washable in a basin of water and will last longer. No more flling over for tilly now :)

We even had people stopping us in the street to ask where these came from. they are definitely a people stopper, and Tilly loved the attention she got from the shoeps

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