Thursday, 17 April 2014

#Pledgeonehour - spend time with your kids this easter

Did you know that 40% of parents get to spend less than 1 hour of quality time a day with their children, with 73% saying the main barrier was simply having access to ideas and resources , i am guilty of not spending enough quality time with Tilly, but my problem is because of working. By the time i have gone to work @ 7am and got home at 4pm or done the afternoon shift of going to work @ 11am and returning at @7pm, i am often to tired to do something with tilly or i come home and she is asleep for the night *sigh*

I am really looking forward to my day off today, which is set aside for 'Tilly' Stuff and then i am working good friday, but i have a long weekend off then, so there will be lots of catch up time going on. You may remember a few weeks ago i was sent a weekend box to review, the post can be found here, and dont forget you can still get your first Weekend Box for free if you use the code VICKY131 , saving £7.50.

Weekend Box has teamed up with The national trust and Project Wild Thing to launch a new website this Easter, called #PledgeOneHour ( The site contains loads of FREE activities from Weekend Box, the National Trust and Project Wild Thing for parents all over the UK so come rain or shine this Easter - there's loads to do!

Weekend box felt so strongly about this that A study of over 1,100 parents in the UK conducted by Fly
Research on behalf of Weekend Box Club found that 40% of parents spend less than 1 hour of quality time each day with their children. This wasted time is the equivalent to over 202 days of wasted time over the course of a child’s youth (from age 3 to 12)! Only 14% of parents surveyed managed to spend five hours of quality time with their children a day.

Of the respondents, 82% of parents wanted to spend more time with their children and 95% felt that 
carrying out activities together helped bring them closer to their children. Despite all these positive reactions, just under three-quarters of parents said that simply having access to new ideas and resources would significantly help increase the amount of time they would be able to spend with their children. 

“I think this research shows that parents are much busier now than ever before and with so many 
household demands, quality time can often be unfairly neglected. However, the really positive side 
of this data shows that parents still love and deeply value the time they get to spend with their 
children whilst also wanting desperately to increase it.” Said Andy Stephenson, 25, founder of 
Weekend Box Club and commissioner of the research. 

You can get a Free Iphone App with ideas to do or go to and see all the free ideas of things to do with your children.


At Being Tillys mummy we welcome all photos of your #pledgeonehour crafts that you have done.

Join the Weekend Box on Twitter (@WeekendBoxClub) or Facebook (/WeekendBoxClub) to keep up with special offers and competitions as well as plenty of ideas to do with yours kids

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