Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A cream or a lotion - whats the best?

At work i am often asked "whats the difference between a lotion and a cream for your body and face?" So it got me thinking that maybe i should share my advice on here too. Everybody has different skin and some people suffer from dry skin, whilst others suffer from oily skin. If your lucky you may have normal/combination skin. There are many different creams and lotions on the market and the companies offer different properties to sell their products.

  • Lotions are mixtures of oil in water which are light, there is more water than oil and it has a non-greasy formulations that have a cooling effect. These lotions are basically non-greasy. 
  • Most lotions regardless of brand have a sort of cooling effect that is achieved by its absorption into the skin of the user. Because of this quick absorptive property and effect, lotions are the preferred emollients during warmer seasons like summer. This is why sun cream is always in a lotion as it absorbs faster.
  • Lotions are better if you suffer from skin complaints like excema, the lotion soaks into the skin and the dry parts of the skin better than a cream would.
  • Creams are a lot thicker and heavier when compared to lotions, although they are still made of the same oily/water combination, but with a higher percentage of oil, they are also greasy. Creams are better for the cooler times of the year and they are perfect for winter when your skin is fighting the harshness of the winter.
  • A cream is more likely to help very dry skin, as it is absorbed better
  • Generally, a cream is formulated for the face with additional anti-aging and treatment ingredients added to achieve a desired skin outcome.
  • You will find the added bonus of a SPF in most face creams these days
  • Lotions are better for mature skin as they are absorbed better
  • On the shelves you will find creams with added foundation, but never a lotion with added foundation as its too runny and would be impossible to apply
  • We suggest using a lotion or cream immediately after showering in order to lock in moisture from the shower in your skin and create a barrier that stops you from losing water quickly.

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