Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ozeri Review - Blood pressure monitor.

Within 2 days of the Blood pressure monitor being ordered from Amazon, we received it in the post. It arrived in a large box and was packed safely with loads of packaging to protect the blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure monitor arrived with a full instruction booklet and batteries, so we could use it straight away.

We opened the parcel to find a nicely compacted grey hard case containing the blood pressure monitor. The case is ideal to pop into your carry bag or keep in your car and it will protect the blood pressure monitor from damage. We looked at it and found it has capability to hold 80 blood pressure readings, with the time and date being able to be recorded. This is extrememly helpful to us as Kim suffers from low blood pressure and has to check her blood pressure quite regularly, especially when she feels dizzy. so with this memory, we can record the results of the blood pressure and check back if there is any difference.

The blood pressure monitor itself is so simple to use, it goes onto your wrist like a watch and you tighten it and secure with the velcro. This saves the hassle of having to pul up your sleeve and fitting a cuff around you arm, After switching it on, you press the start button and you feel the monitor going to work. Within a few minutes of watching the number settle on the screen, you have your reading. You do need to make sure that your arm is kept perfectly still and aligned with your heart. This blood pressure monitor will also detect any irregular heartbeat you have. We showed it to a friend who suffers from a heart murmur and she was impressed with how it was so accurate with her heartrate

The cool thing about this Blood pressure monitor is that it has a colour coded hypertension reader on the screen and if your systolic and diastolic readings are normal, the screen will appear green indicating a normal range.
Kimmy tried it and as you can see her blood pressure reading was normal. 
The colour coding is great as you sometimes dont understand the readings and know what is a 'normal' reading so this helps. It is also a help for people with reading problems and sight problems as they will see the colour, even if they struggle to see the numbers

occasionally you will find your blood pressure rising and in this case you will see the colour coded screen looking like this, If the screen appears orange, it means your suffering from pre hypertension and you should take measures to keep an eye on it so you don't end up with hypertension, where the screen will turn red. The blood pressure monitor will also find your average blood pressure reading by calculating your last few readings. this means you can keep note of what your blood pressure is normally and you will know if there is a difference.

The Ozeri Blood pressure monitor is available to buy from Amazon at the special price of £24.99 (normal RRP is £69.99) so you are saving over £45. Such a brilliant price to pay for the reassurance you will receive with this product.

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  1. My husband is wanting a blood pressure monitor but we were confused as to which one to look for thanks for the info Vicky


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