Friday, 14 February 2014

If I were ......

If I Were…

A month. March as its the month of two of my babies
A country. I’d be Switzerland, the air's clear & its beautiful
A time of day. I’d be 2am when Tilly gets in bed with me
A sea animal. I would be a Seal
A direction. North.
A liquid. I’d be coca cola
A gemstone. I’d be a diamond
A tree. I’d be a Fir tree.
A game. I’d be The London Game
A famous painting. I’d be The Starry Night
A flower. I’d be a rose, the name of my nan & kims middle name
A kind of weather. I’d be The sun
A musical instrument. I’d be a tambourine
A piece of furniture. I’d be a Chest of drawers,
A colour. I’d be yellow as its Tillys fave colour
A means of transportation. I’d be an old double decker
An emotion. I’d be happy.
A fruit. I’d be a Melon
A sound. I’d be Tillys laughter
A vehicle. I’d be a stealth plane
A place. I’d be my home
A taste. I’d be sour
A scent. I’d be Sexy Amber by Michael Kors
An animal. I’d be a tiger
A random object. I’d be my mobile phone
A body part. I’d be my boobies
A song. I’d be Peter Rabbit (tllys favourite song)
An item of clothing. I’d be lace patterned tights

i saw this over on Bizzimummy's World and wanted to see what randomness i could come up with, copy and paste with your own answers and then link up with City Girl Gone Coastal


  1. Thanks so much for joining in, I'm really enjoying reading these answers! Never heard of the London Game, I'll have to check it out


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