Friday, 7 February 2014

Fragrance Friday

After much moaning and begging to people about how much i wanted to try out a lovely new fragrance i had come across whilst working on the fragrance counter, i was eventually sent a bottle of Sexy Amber by Michael Kors. I was most excited to receive this and i can now often be found in the corner stroking the bottle saying 'my precious, my precious'. I feel like a queen wearing this fragrance and everyone notices the smell when i wear it, Even Kim had a wear of it the other day and she said she had loads of compliments on how nice it is.

With the key notes of Amber, sandalwood and jasmine, you would expect this to be a really floral fragrance but it isnt. It is a sexy, sassy fragrance.

My only problem with having this fragrance at home is that i now have to keep it out of reach of my 3 year old, who has a liking for mummys perfumes. When ever she asks for a spray, she is often told by the others 'no Tilly its mummys precious and nobody is allowed to touch it' :) they are trained so well hehe.

Although this fragrance is quite pricey at around £74 for 100 mls, it is worth every one of those ££s, as the fragrance is an EDP so a spray will last you for 4 -6 hours, meaning you spray less and the bottle will actually last you a lot longer than if it was EDT.

You can buy this fragrance at Superdrug or other leading perfumeries.


  1. This sounds wonderful I'll be hinting for this as a valentines gift ;)

  2. I've never tried this perfume but it sounds nice so I'll be hunting it out :)

  3. I am always on the look out for new perfume recommendations and this one sounds nice, will have to try and hunt down a tester for it and save up like mad if I like it

  4. hi great review i love perfume and have wondered what this one was like :)

  5. I love perfumes and this is so tempting for me luckily mine have grown up and can buy their own perfumes now :-)


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