Saturday, 21 December 2013

4 days to go

This year yet again i bought new xmas lights for the tree, mainly because kimmy wanted a blue decorated tree and these lights were blue but also because every year we get lights out the attic and they are broken. it seems like something breaks them every year - the magical light monster! So the ones i bought this year come in a plastic box, but here is a simple tip for storing xmas lights

Don't spend another minute sorting through tangled webs of holiday decorations. After each holiday season, keep lights organized by winding each strand around a piece of cardboard cut to fit in a plastic bin (our pieces were 20 by 14 inches). Use scissors to cut a one-inch slit at the top of one long side and the bottom of the other long side of the cardboard. Secure one end of the lights in a slit, wind lights around, and secure the other end in the other slit. Store stacked light between layers of bubble wrap in bins.

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