Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rastamouse Dvd Giveaway :)

This is my second Dvd giveaway

Another Cbeebies favourite of Tillys, Rastamouse and his friends are crime fighting agents the find the positive in a tricky situation, always making a bad thing good

This Dvd consists of 6 episodes

Da Crucial Plan
Bakin' and Breakin'
Mice Camera Action
Da Rhymin Teef
Pie Without Cheese
Toots Re-routes

This Dvd is suitable for children 3-5, although Tilly has watched it since she was 2 and half

Available to buy from  for £11.49

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  1. yay im the first to enter!
    my kids fave on cbeebies is octonauts and tree fu tom, but they like most of them, including rasta mouse :)

    anna m

  2. we love rastamouse in our house :)

  3. Sadie loves Something special and anything with Andy Day in it !! She got to meet him last year and now she adores him and giggles whenever he comes on the TV :) x

  4. Sarah and Duck, it's just so funny for kids and adults... personal favourite so far is the sun one, when Sarah flips Duck over to trace the light ha ha.

  5. we love sarah and duck! can watch it over and over its the best. Especially love scarf ladies bag its so funny x

  6. my kids love anything with justin fletcher in it

  7. Love Rastamouse and that's just me lol ;-)


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