Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Child Poverty Is On The Rise

So Teresa May and her government have voted to take away free school dinners from the poorest of the children in England? Does she actually know what she is doing to our children?

With cuts in benefits all the time and forcing terminally sick people to go back to work, The Tory government is slowly killing our poorest people. I agree with the benefit cap on the amount of money you get on benefits if you have loads of kids, for many years some people have abused the benefits system. But now she is pushing and pushing and something is going to break soon.

Single parents are pushed back to work and have to pay for childcare, travel and all the other bills because they lose their benefits or have to go onto universal credit. These parents get less money whilst they work than if they were on benefits. Although I think its good for parents to work because it gives a good impression on your children and you are trying to break the cycle of poverty - yet I know for a fact that I am worse off than if I was to claim benefits. I earn £7.70 an hour and work 14 hours a week. I get child tax credit to bump up my wages and that means my total income from working is £963 a month. Out of this, I pay £80 for travel just to get to work and back, £250 a month Rent, £60 a month electric. I also pay £240 for a food shop (£60 a week) and have a debt to a company of £60. My Internet is £30 a month and my mobile phone is £40 a month. School dinners are £20 a month (2 hot meals a week) and now the new year is about to start with Council tax, which is usually £120 a month. So that leaves me with £63 to myself for a month - £15 a week to play with, to pay for school trips, to pay for clothes, for bus rides ......

I, however, am lucky because I am able to supplement my wages with blogging income, it's not much but it gives us some money to play with. Last financial year, I earned £500 on my blog but this financial year, it has been a fair bit more. This is the money that means we are able to live, rather than just survive. This is the money that is the difference between giving my child a childhood that she can look back at with fond memories. Other parents don't have the extra money and they rely on all the help that they can get. This means the free school dinners! Every child has a right to be protected, isn't that what is drummed into our head all of the time by government services? So why are the government not protecting our kids from poverty? The government are failing our children and it almost feels like we are in the Victorian times again. Crime is on the rise, in retail you see shoplifting on the rise and kids are stealing to be able to have the same stuff that their friends have. This is all down to you Mrs May and your government that make sure they are okay with their government expenses and pay.

I have even been made aware that even families with a parent in the armed forces are struggling with poverty, This is just actual damn right appalling! These men and women are protecting our country from the threat of war and terrorism, yet they struggle to feed their children whilst you all sit in your House of Commons enjoying the life of Riley! something is very fucking wrong here!

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