Monday, 11 July 2016

23 Things To Take On Holiday – The Naughty Girls Guide

Do you go on holiday with the girls? I do at least once a year, I am lucky to always have someone to look after Tilly for me whilst I am away. Now when I am on holiday I am not Tillys mummy for the whole time, in fact I become Vicky the naughty ringleader who gets everyone up to no good. I have had quite a few holidays to Butlins as an adult weekender, they are fun filled with people dressed up and so many naughty shenanigans going on – but we live by the rule that what happens on holiday, stays on holiday! Anyway over the years we have become quite the expert at getting things together for a girlie holiday, so I thought I would share the list with you guys, because everyone loves going on a girlie holiday!
  1. Condoms – these should always be at the top of the list, they are essential for those unexpected hook ups on holiday.
  2. Plasters – for the blisters that those holiday shoes cause and also for the cuts we get when we fall down drunk! Get water proof ones so you can still enjoy the pool.
  3. Dare cards – Great conversation starter and always adds fun to the night out. Its great for getting random people involved in your party.
  4. Inflatable penis - this was added by a friend who always takes one for breaking the ice on holiday and again it’s a conversational starter.
  5. Alka seltzer – simply for the morning after to cure that hangover
  6. Diarrhoea tablets – for the next day after the dodgy take away, that seemed such a good idea at the time.
  7. Waterproof Mascara – because nobody wants drunk panda eyes
  8. Fixing mist – so yourmake up is still in place in the morning when you are just getting back to the hotel!
  9. Fem Fresh – to have a quick wipe if you get lucky down the bar.
  10. Tampons – because nobody wants to ask for them in a foreign language.
  11. Body spray – for when you are drunk and you get lucky, have a quick spritz and you’re ready to get jiggy
  12. Wax – come on girls, lets keep that bikini line under control!
  13. Deodorant – because nobody wants to get jiggy with a smelly girl.
  14. Red lipstick – purely for sex appeal
  15. Morning after pill – just in case
  16. Straighteners and curling tongs -  create a different look every night, keep those guys interested.
  17. WhatsApp / Skype on your phone – if you get separated from your friends and then you can contact them.
  18. Empty coke bottle – we always take an empty bottle to fill up with alcohol from the all-inclusive hotel and  drink it on the way to clubs, usually saves you paying tourist prices for drink
  19. Push up bra – first impressions and all that!
  20. Pro plus – you won’t have time to be tired
  21. Fluffy handcuffs – funny to leave in different places and watch peoples expressions.
  22. Sashes / printed T-shirts – fab way to let people know of special occaisions
  23. Sexy knickers – just in case you get lucky, you don’t want to be caught short with your dull knickers that went grey in the wash 

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