Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My Ideal Bathroom From

When you have a house up for sale, they say the most important rooms are the bathroom and the kitchen. And I totally agree with this. The bathroom is probably my favourite room of my house but it is serious need of a makeover!

I am in need of a whole new bathroom suite as well as accessories, So what would my ideal bathroom have in it?

The Bath - The most important thing in the bathroom, a place I can relax and a place that I can find some peace and quiet after a long day at work. I stayed in a hotel once that had a whirlpool bath and I have never had a bath quite like it. It is like bringing the spa to your own home. Not only is a whirlpool bath relaxing it also has great health benefits, It is the best thing for aching muscles and limbs and is also great for people with circulation problems as the water speeds up your circulation ensuring that your blood pumps faster and allows aches to soothe so much quicker than a normal bath. You can choose a whirlpool bath with as many jets as you want and you can even choose where you want the taps. I would choose this bath as the taps are to the side and won't get in the way when Tilly gets in with me. The Frontline Oporto Luxury Double Ended Bath with an 8 jet whirlpool will cost you from £607. But you can't put a price on pure luxury.

The Toilet - The not so glamorous part of a bathroom but the most essential item. I would have to go for a modern toilet with the Whirlpool bath, so I would go for the Frontline Luna Close Coupled toilet. It is swish and modern, I like the shape of the toilet and that it has a push button on the top. The toilet has a soft close lid, so there will be no trapped and poorly fingers from children. This toilet it priced at £172.13.

The Sink - The Frontline Luna Basin is perfect for our needs, It has one mixer tap which i prefer to separate taps because it easier to get the temperature right if the water comes through one tap, rather than having a tap that is often too hot or too cold. A mixer tap is much safe for a family bathroom in my opinion and they look so much better. This sink comes with a full pedestal and costs £74.26.

When choosing a new bathroom, I would suggest always going for a white suite. Coloured suites may look lovely in a brochure or in a different setting but a new bathroom is going to last you for many years to come and you dont want to be left with a suite that will go out of fashion within a couple of years. if you want to add a splash of colour to your bathroom, do it with accessories. If you like red, buy red towels, red flowers, red carpet etc. Then if you change your colour preference in a couple of years, the expense wont be so big! Also when choosing bathroom tiles, don't go for something that is fashionable at the time, because we all know that fashions change on a daily basis and you don't want to tile a bathroom with tiles that will look old before their time.

Bathroom accessories are what really makes a bathroom your own, Its where you can add your personal touch and turn it into a sanctuary to relax and unwind. This means they are as important as the whole bathroom suite itself. After all you cant relax if you dont have the correct surroundings. Create a relaxing space by adding candles and don't have too many different patterns, keep it simple, yet elegant. Bathroom accessories from Bella Bathrooms are both classy and elegant. They create the right ambience for relaxation and they make a bathroom look amazing! Choose the right lighting as you will find your bathroom a more relaxing room if the lighting is softer but also choose a mirror with good lighting around it to apply makeup and dress your hair.

What is your perfect bathroom?

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