Monday, 19 January 2015

A Family Project for 2015

Photo By Tracy Dunn
After months of hibernating inside the garden can seem like a distant memory of sunnier times.

But with a little pre planning and consideration the garden can be a great family project for 2015, and one that the entire family can enjoy together.

Fresh air and exercise is quite literally on our doorstep, so why don’t we take the opportunity to have some fresh air and exercise in our backyard? 

Children love the freedom of the great outdoors and given the task they love to get involved with what we grownups are doing.

Plan Ahead

Before you start your grand design, have a good think about what you want to get out of your garden.

Hold a family meeting and ask your little ones what they want in the garden. 

Get them to start drawing pictures of how they think it should look and incorporate their ideas into your overall design. 

Of course some demands may be a little unachievable, but making them part of the project will start to encourage their love for the garden.
Photo By Tracy Dunn

Make Their Choice Matter

When you start picking out the flowers and shrubs that will be enhancing your space, why not ask the children to pick out their favourite flowers?

Give little ones the opportunity to take responsibility for taking care of their own plants.Plus there’s simply nothing more adorable than a toddler in wellies watering the flowers.

Add A Splash of Colour If you’re planning on having furniture in the garden give it a splash of colour. 

Rejuvenating weathered garden furniture with bright colours will add an element of fun to the outdoors, and the children will have a blast helping pick out the colours and helping you repaint. 

Messy play is always the most fun after all.

Welcome Wildlife

The garden is a great place to start educating the little ones on wildlife and the wonders of nature.

Encourage animals into the garden by making areas wildlife friendly. 

This article gives a great guide as to how you can make your own bird table. Providing a home for small creatures will intrigue the children and give them knowledge at early age as to the importance of caring for animals.

Make Mess Free Zones 

There will always be times when the garden is going to be out of bounds. But try to make your garden versatile for all seasons. 

Having a mess free zone where you can put the children’s toys or where they can play without getting too muddy, is essential for keeping them active even in the cold winter months. 

If you have the opportunity, investing in a colourful playground surface such as these, or decking will provide a fun and safe play area. 

A garden should be a safe haven for the entire family to retreat to, so however you decide to let the children take part in your project make an effort to have as many fun and games in the garden.
Photo by Tracy Dunn
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