Wednesday, 23 April 2014

using your mobile phone as a camera

We are all of a technical age, where we seem to have social networking with us where ever we go. Everyone seems to know where we are off to or where we have been due to this social networking. we keep our details in out phone, right down to our pin number. We use our phone for taking photos on the go and we use our phones as alarm clocks. Basically everyone that owns a mobile phone - uses it to run their life.

a couple of weeks ago, i broke my blackberry and Oh my days! i thought that my life was over. I managed to get through one day without a phone, but i did miss it, i wasn't able to get online on the bus, i wasn't able to check Facebook or emails and i couldnt phone anyone. My bus journeys were boring and slower than normal. So on the second day i decided i just needed to go and buy a phone - this time choosing an android phone. But the best decision ever!

So now i am addicted to my phone even more as it actually does more than my blackberry ever did. I can skype Zach in Norway, meaning that Tilly gets to see her brother and interact with him more.

The camera is better on the new phone, i find this is important in this day and age as you never know when you need to take that sneaky little picture. So how do we use our camera phone to the best of its ability?

  • Your phone is usually chucked in the bottom of your bag, so when you take it out to take a photo please remember to give it a wipe over, and especially the lens - you dont want grubby mark on your pictures.
  • Get the light right - you need the right light in order to take a good snap with your camera phone. Try taking pictures in overcast weather, when the sun isnt shining too bright. Make sure people are not facing the sun or they will squint.
  • use your phone to adapt the pictures - have some fun with them. Sometimes photos look more beautiful in back and white. 
  • quite often when taking a photo on your phone, you will find that the shutter is slower than on a camera. so with this you will need to hold your camera in position for a few seconds after taking the picture - just to make sure.
  • make your pictures different -dont put the person in the centre of the picture. have them off center or hold your phone at an angle.
  • you can upload your pictures as soon as you have taken them - what a bonus
i never take another camera out with me, as i never feel the need to - my new phone does it all!

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