Saturday, 24 March 2018

Superdrug Gym Bag Review

As part of my Superdrug Blog Squad parcel that I was sent from Superdrug, this month was a gym wash bag. So what makes it different from a normal wash bag? This is available very soon on the Superdrug website, but here is a sneaky preview of what is to come.

The gym bag is huge! It's about twice the size of the normal kind of wash bag so not only can you fit your washing things in there like shampoo and shower gel, but you can also pop your wet swimming costume in there because it is plastic and won't soak through.

Inside the bag is two clear pockets that stick to the side with poppers, the clear bags are perfect for putting your mobile phone is and keeping it dry and also popping some cash into and keeping it dry. this is also a fab bag for taking to the beach as it will keep your valuables dry.

The bag is a mesh design, which matches your gym kit, it is also see through so you can find your things at a glance. There is a little inspirational saying on the front too to get you inspired to go to the gym.

This bag will also be perfect for when we go to Turkey on holiday because the bag is big enough for me to put all the toiletries in for myself and my daughter, but I can also use the clear pockets for when I am by the poolside to keep my phone dry.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How To Smash Affiliate Marketing With Emma Drew

Have you ever thought about affiliate marketing but don't understand it? Do you know how easy it can be to make money from affiliate marketing? You don't even need to have a blog, maybe you have a great working social media page or channel! Affiliate marketing is where you share a link to a product and then you add a little code in there to lead back to your affiliate code and you can make money from that link if someone makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is something that actually terrified me since it was first mentioned to me, I didn't wholly understand how it all worked and therefore it scared me. Even the fantastic people from Affilinet invited me to a session with them to try to help me understand but to no avail. I kind of put it on the backburner until I was offered a course from the lovely EmmaDrew.Info.

Looking After Your Face With B. Wipes And Superdrug Face Masks

How do you clean your face? Do you just use a wipe or do you use a face mask to get the gunk out too? As part of being on Superdrugs Blog Squad, I was sent a packet of B. wipes and a face mask.

I am normally a face wipe snob and I love Nip Fab wipes, but they are only cleansing wipes and don't remove your make up. The B. sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes are suitable for sensitive skin, which is perfect for me and they are also hypoallergenic. these wipes not only cleanse your face but also remove waterproof make up. They have a PH balanced formula to help to keep your skin in the soft condition that you deserve and witch hazel and vitamin e that is soothing to your skin.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

What Is Cyber Bullying?

Cyberbullying is where someone targets you online or by phone and is nasty to the extent that it hurts you. Cyberbullying doesn't just happen to kids, but it is probably scarier when it happens to our kids because we just want to protect them and save them from any harm or hurt that they might come across. There are many different ways that someone can bully a victim online, these include

Monday, 19 March 2018

Furnish Your Home At The Ideal Home Show London

Are you off to the Ideal Home Show this year? We were lucky to go along on an opening day on Saturday. I braved the snow and cold with two girls aged 7 and 8 years old to attend. I thought that the girls were going to be bored but there was so much for them to do, and they actually want to go again! It really goes to show that there is something for everyone.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

A Wrinkle In Time Review.

On Saturday we were invited to a special screening of A Wrinkle In Time, the new movie that comes from Disney. The film brings the amazing Oprah Winfrey together with a beautiful Reece Witherspoon and funny Mindy Kaling. But what is it all about?

13-year-old Meg Murray is struggling with life, school and being bullied ever since her father, Alex (a well-known scientist) went missing four years ago after theorising that you can wrinkle time and space and visit different planets in the universe, this is called the tesseract. Meg and her mother believe that Alex has discovered how to do this and that he is lost somewhere out in the universe. Meg's little brother, Charles Wallace is always there to try and give her confidence all the time, he tells her she is beautiful although the bullies tell her that she is ugly.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Child Poverty Is On The Rise

So Teresa May and her government have voted to take away free school dinners from the poorest of the children in England? Does she actually know what she is doing to our children?

With cuts in benefits all the time and forcing terminally sick people to go back to work, The Tory government is slowly killing our poorest people. I agree with the benefit cap on the amount of money you get on benefits if you have loads of kids, for many years some people have abused the benefits system. But now she is pushing and pushing and something is going to break soon.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

When We Need To Do More About Bullying

Bullying is something that happens when you have someone that is being hurtful to you. They don't just have to be physically hurting you because bullying comes in so many different forms like hitting, pushing, spreading rumours, racism, threatening or undermining someone. Bullying can happen anywhere and by anyone who wants to be a bully. Sometimes they don't realise that they are bullying and they are horrified when they realise, so sometimes bullying can be easily resolved if you talk to each other. Bullying can happen to all sorts of people from kids to grown ups and nobody should feel ashamed because it's not their own fault.

The Ultimate Pre-holiday Checklist For Single Parents

Being a single parent is never easy, especially when it comes to family holidays. All of a sudden the common holiday tasks of flying in a plane, travelling to a hotel and exploring in a foreign country can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this, holidaying alone with your kids can be an amazing experience, and one you'll all cherish for years to come. If you're worried about holidaying as a single parent you're not alone, but there are a few simple tips to make it go smoothly. Have a look at our ultimate pre-holiday checklist to find out how.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Why Does Social Media Have To Be So Fake? #KeepItReal

Have you ever looked at someones social media account and thought to yourself that they have such the perfect life or that they always have the perfect body and look fantastic all the time? I look at the skinny minnies as I am sat on the sofa eating a huge bar of dairy milk and wondering where the hairbrush has gone because I had to do the school run with unbrushed hair again. I sit with envy as I flick through social media, but being a blogger I should actually know how fake social media is, but DAMN it still gets me every day.

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