Saturday, 30 September 2017

Rory's Story Cubes Review

We love to play games in this house, we play a lot and even though there is an 18-year difference between Kim and Tilly, they still love sitting down to play a game. This month as part of the Blogger board game club, we were sent a game called Rory's Story Cubes.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone Review

When I was a child, I would play with dolls and read books but then I was a child of the 70's. Children of this era are children of scientific and technological advances and the toys they play with are so much cooler and better than ever! Tilly has wanted a drone for such a long time and that wanting only got more intense when she attended an Airhogs Drone launch, that Luke Bannister (world champion drone racer) also attended.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Four Beauty Trends This Autumn/Winter

I haven't written about my beauty therapy work for a while, although I qualified a couple of years ago, I only do a little bit from home but having this back ground ensures that I am up with the trends for my job in retail too. I work on a fragrance counter and cosmetics, so its important to know what is the latest fashion or trend. So here are my predictions for This Autumn/Winter.

Metallic lips

This is going to be big huge this autumn and winter. The colder and darker months make you feel a bit pants, doesn't it? Your face feels dull, your skin feels dull. It's good to make yourself feel better with a bit of make up, metallic lips look amazing for each different time of the day because you can go for a more subtle metallic look throughout the day and then when you're ready to party in the evenings swap for a brighter more intense colour.

I love metallic lips because they make me look completely different and metallic lipstick or stains seem to add dimension to your lip shape. I have already chosen my metallic red lip colour for December as it's so Christmassy. The metallic lip colours seem to last all day and use a lip liner to emphasise your lips too.


With programs like Game of Thrones being so popular this year I think fancy hairstyles I've been seeing more and more.  You can dress fantasy hairstyles up or down to suit your mood or occasion and to see her after all can be anything from having curly hair when your hair is usually straight or the other way round. We all wish we had different hair don't way. So with a bit of colour spray and gel we really can be who we want to be, I love the extreme fancy hair and watching games of throne's makes you want to be part of the fantasy.

Fantasy hair is so easy to do, my hair is brunette but recently for work I was asked to colour it, a rose gold colour.  A year or two ago this would have been looked at as odd but now it's normal to go mermaid colours or unicorn or anything to feature fantasy. You really need to give fantasy hair a go because after all you only live once. Add some glitter on your face to match fantasy hair!


Having our nails done makes us feel so different it makes us feel elegant and ladylike and these days there are so many options of different ways to have you done.  As well as acrylics and gel nails we can go for a shellac nail polish like CND, which gives us more options.  As a beauty customer I would be able to have more  shellac done more often than I would have a full set of acrylics or gel nails I feel that shellac nail polish is would be more popular this year because it also enables you to do your nails at home because it's more affordable. Although I do my own nails with CND and have a fantastic seven-day coverage I do feel often but it's always better and last longer if a beauty therapist does it. You get a huge range of colours In shellac nail polishes. Nail polishes are a big thing at the moment and companies bring out new Colours all the time, so make sure you keep up to date with all of the latest colour trends this autumn and winter.


 This autumn and winter it is absolutely all about the eyebrows. There are more products than ever to help you shape and colour your eyebrows to give you the HD eyebrows affect from home.  There are so many products on the market from brow pencils, brow pomade and brow kits, you just need to find the product that suits you. It is easy to get the HD effect on your brows and it really does make your eyes stand out, you can even get stencils to help you achieve the right shape. A good tip is to watch some YouTube videos to teach you how to do this, or pop along to your local salon where they will do this for you at a small cost.

What are your beauty predictions for Autumn/Winter 2017. Pop over to Ellisons Beauty Wholesalers and see what they predict for this coming season.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Keeping Cosy In The Autumn And Winter With Snuggle Sac From Ollie And Leila

It's definitely Autumn! The colder nights are drawing in and the best part of the colder months is the snuggling up on the sofa watching tv together with the kids. My house gets really cold in the winter so we often have duvet days too. We grab the duvets and slouch on the sofa, watching movies and eating junk food. There really is no better way to spend days off!

Tilly loves fleece blankets, I think it goes back to when she was a baby and I always used fleece blankets on her because they are so warm. Now whenever she is upset or poorly, she reaches for a fleece blanket.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Roald Dahl's Fantastical Characters Books From McDonald's

Trying to get Tilly to read is extremely hard because of her dyslexia, I am not using it as an excuse but when numbers and letters are jumping about on a page, you wouldn't want to read either would you? So I try to encourage her to read whenever I can. I am really happy that McDonald's have put books into their happy meals for the next few weeks and you can collect the whole set of 8. The books are inspired by the Roald Dahl stories of Matilda, The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They are small paperback books containing the fantastical characters, that also have stickers and quizzes in them. Which kid doesn't love stickers?

Monday, 25 September 2017

How To Make Some Extra Cash For Christmas On Ebay

I'm not sure about anyone else but as soon as tilly goes back to school after the summer holidays, I know that it's time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I know, right! It's like September and here we are there isn't an increase in toy adverts on the TV, the shops start bringing out their Christmas catalogues and new toys are starting to be launched in time for Christmas shopping! There really is no escaping from Christmas as of September.

Being a single parent I am the always looking to do Christmas on a budget so maybe starting in September isn't that bad because you can pick up loads of bargains before the prices start increasing nearer Christmas. One of the best places to start your Christmas shopping is eBay. You can get some of the most amazing bargains at a huge discount and quite often the items for sale or new orange new condition. A lot of companies within the UK also advertise their products on eBay, so you will find companies like Argos have an eBay shop as well as selling from the shop floor. Even my local charity shop use eBay as an outlet for selling their more premium products, there really is money to be made from selling your unwanted items online.

Buying Your DIY Tools From FFX

Have you ever ordered your tools and DIY accessories online? I live in a small town and there really isn't much choice for DIY shopping, the shops that we have are a long way from my home and it would involve a taxi home, this then adds cost to my shopping. So sometimes there is no alternative than online shopping - and to be honest, I like the stress free aspect of online shopping!

You simply go online, order what you want and then you get it delivered to your door. Recently we were asked to order some things from, based in Folkestone in Kent and review the ordering service and products that we ordered.

The website is easy to use and we found what we were looking for straight away. I needed a drill, so you shop by category and then choose what you're looking for. It then narrows down the search and takes you to what you're looking for. You can buy anything that you need from screws to lawnmowers and it is free delivery, So whether you need it for personal DIY or whether it's your trade, you will not be paying extra for the delivery.

They offer over 80,000 products on their website and that's more than you would ever see in a store. And you can buy from them 7 days a week. So what did we buy from FFX?

A Sealey Steel BBQ

I am ashamed to say that we don't have a Barbeque, With it only being me and Tilly at home it hardly seemed worth buying one, but this summer Tilly asked me for a Barbeque. So I guess, I really had to order one! The barbeque comes as a 'flatpack' and you have to put it together but it comes with everything to put it together. The barbeque has a lid and it means you can cover it up when you have finished it. If you have a lot of people visiting you can even use both sides of the barbeque to cook on. It is advertised as a portable barbeque but for me, it wouldn't be too portable as I don't have a car and it is quite heavy. The barbeque clips closed for when you're not using and it is very weather resistant as we have left it out in all sorts of weather. The barbeque is a really good price at £30.99 and it is low to the ground barbeque. It absolutely suits the needs of a small family or as a starter barbeque.

Einhell EINBTCD18 BT-CD18 18v Cordless Drill Driver
The second thing that I ordered was a drill, of all the things that I ever need - is a drill! I am really independent and I hate asking people for help, yet when it comes to drilling I need that little bit of help. I wanted a cordless drill because you can reach all the hard to reach places without being attached to a power cord. The 18 Volt cordless drill, comes just as the drill and you buy your drill bits separately but that means you get to buy drill bits to suit your budget and purpose. The drill comes in a carry case, making it easy to store and carry around.

It takes 3 - 5 hours to charge up to full capacity and the charger is included in the set. The drill is used as a screwdriver as well as a drill, so it is a multi-purpose tool for you. The drill is £37.17, which is a really good price and even if you have to buy the drill bits separately, you can get a drill bit from as low as 95p. The drill is fitted with a 10mm single -sleeve keyless chuck that holds the drill bit more securely so there is no slipping when tackling the most demanding of jobs, I like the idea of the keyless chuck because I am rubbish about losing stuff so now I don't need to worry. It is easy to control and any beginner could feel confident using this drill.

I am happy with both products and found them to be of a good quality. The website was easy to navigate and the delivery was in a few days by courier. I was very pleased with the email contact that I received at every stage of the sale and delivery. I would recommend FFX to companies, tradesmen, and DIY enthusiasts.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

A.D.I.S.N Secret Journal Review - Get Spying

All kids aspire to be something, some kids want to do something quiet and others want a really exciting job. But whatever job they choose, they have taken their inspiration from someone they have seen on tv or have met in real life. YouTube is a real inspiration for many of the youngsters these days and Tilly loves to watch Project Mc2 on YouTube as well as on Netflix. If you're not familiar with Project Mc2, then let me give you the lowdown, they are a group of friends who go to school together and are secret spies! The secrecy of the spying job really appeals to Tilly but the girls are great role models because they show the youngsters that girls can prove to be as good as men in some more male-dominated careers like maths and science.

Friday, 22 September 2017

My Child Is Suffering From Stress

Do you ever feel like your parenting skills aren't enough to give your child a happy and stable childhood? Tilly went back to school two weeks ago and I feel like she's having trouble adjusting to being a junior. Going from infants to juniors is a big leap anyway and from being the oldest in the playground she has to be in the smallest in the playground and it has been a little bit of a shock to Tilly. After her first day, she came home and said that she didn't like the playground because she got pushed around by the older kids. But luckily since then, she seems to be coping with the school playground a little bit better.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Angel And Rocket Clothes For Girls

We haven't had a summer, have we? I bought Tilly loads of lovely clothes to wear for the summer, but it turned out that we had about one day of summer this year! So she has mainly been in clothes for the autumn. One of those outfits that she has been wearing is fro Angels and Rockets.

She has always been an independent little girl I think due to the fact that she has older siblings. She may only be 7 years old, but she loves to go clothes shopping - like all little girls. Being a working mum, its hard to find time to take her to shops to buy nice clothes. I live in a small seaside town and the selection of clothes shops is a bit pants. So I do rely on internet shopping ALOT!

We came across Angel and Rocket after they asked us to review an outfit for them. Tilly was allowed to choose what she wanted and she chose the Nora Lace Skirt for her first item. It is a think and heavy skirt, ideal for the cold weather as it will keep her warm. She loves contrasting fabrics of lace and the mock leather trim. The skirt is completely machine washable, but I have chosen to wash it by hand. A lot of dye came out on the first wash, but you expect that in new clothes anyway. I then hang it to dry in the bathroom. I didn't use the tumble dryer for fear of ruining the hem. It has been very popular with girls of Tilly's age as age 7,8 and 10 have sold out on the website. The material is made of o mixture of cotton (75%) and Nylon (25%) and the lace gives it a look of vintage clothing. It is something I would have worn in my teenage years. The skirt is a purple colour and in some lights, it looks like a dark blue. You could partner the skirt up with a variety of different coloured tops.

Shirt tucked in looking very smart

Tilly chose the Zoe Denim Chambray Shirt, which is a pale blue top with embellishments on the collar and front pocket. The top is made from washed denim and it is so unbelievably soft for Tilly to wear. The top is a multi-purpose one, so your child can look just as good wearing it with something like the lace skirt or just wearing it casually with a pair of leggings or shorts. It will make your child look smart, either way. It is machine washable, I know that this makes a difference to parents when they are looking for kids clothes. I machine washed it on its own on a hand wash programme but it didn't come very clean so I used my everyday wash and it seemed to shift the dirt on the top. The embellishments have not come loose or fallen off at all.

Shirt tucked out with 'attitude'
Together these two clothes make a perfectly smart outfit for a day out somewhere. Tilly has worn it to a premiere in London as well as on other more casual days out. She looks very grown up in the clothes and she feels comfortable wearing them. They have worn and washed very well indeed and you do get your money worth with these clothes. I would order clothes from Angels and Rockets again in the future as I was happy with every aspect of the order from delivery to wearing the clothes. The website is easy to navigate, there isn't too much to distract you on the front page. It looks clean and vibrant. A little tip, sign up to the newsletter and get 20% off your order!

The embellishment on the shirt collar and pocket
The selection of clothes on the website is wide too. When the older kids were growing up, I liked to dress them the same but there were three years between them. With the Angel and Rocket website, The clothes go from 0-3 and then 3-10. I love that the older size range means that parents can get siblings 'Twinning up' The clothes are an excellent quality, and they have been washed a few times. There has been no fading or shrinkage on the clothes and the embellishments have stayed in place.

We have become quite a fan of Angel and Rocket and will be putting in an order soon as I love this outfit! It's perfect for our blogger trips to London and so Autumnal. It reminds me of the things I would dress Tilly's older sister in and she is 25 now! Delivery is £4.50 but free if you spend over £80.

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