Saturday, 3 December 2016

Scentsicles Review and Competition

Decorating your tree is such a fun thing to do, When the kids were little, we all got involved in decorating the tree. Now with it just being Tilly at home, it is left to her. We don't have an OCD tree, and it is decorated in many different colours, but decorated with love. But when you have an artificial tree, there is nothing to make it look real. As much as I try to look for a tree every year that looks so close to a real tree, I never find the perfect tree. Do you know what is missing? Its the smell! real tree's have that Christmas smell and it makes them seem so special and complete for the holiday season. You know when you open your front door and the smell is so inviting? Thats what I miss.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Crafts From Twinkl

We all know that the best Christmas decorations are the ones that our kids make, there is something special about them as they are made with love. So as we had a Twinkl subscription we thought we would take a look at the Christmas crafts they have to offer.

We found a wide variety from a Christmas wreath that you cut out and stick and it looks lovely on Tillys art wall. But there are Christmas tree decorations to make and this year they have a john Lewis section of crafts that the kids can make, they include animal masks from the Christmas advert. Tilly loves the John Lewis advert with the animals on the trampoline, and for it to be bought in to our home for the holiday season, just makes it special for it.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Vileda Windomatic Review

When we were asked if we wanted to review a Vileda Windowmatic, I thought it would be excellent for the condensation on my windows. Tilly has asthma and I always worry about the condensation on the window making it look and feel damp in my house. Obviously this is not good for her asthma, so I thought, lets give this a go! Vileda are a good brand that everyone uses on a daily basis.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Frosted FairGround Is Returning To Dremaland, Margate

This time next month and it will all be over but the anticipation of the big day is building now in our house. Tilly has been asking me EVERY day since 1st November, if it is Christmas already. We dont start Christmas celebrations until the first weekend in December and this year we will be celebrating it in style with a trip to Dreamland to enjoy their festive fun at the Frosted Fairground.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Ten Reasons Why I Deserved This Most Wanted Wine

In the week I was sent 2 bottles of wine from Most Wanted wines as a birthday gift. The wine is available from places like Co-op, Nisa and Sainsburys. There are four bottles in the range and they put fun back in to wine, because wine isn't just for stugffy old wine drinkers anymore - its for fun loving people ...... like me! So as i opened my bottle of wine tonight I didn't feel guilty at all - not one  little bit.. 

The Albarino is an award winning, crisp and fresh wine from Spain, It tastes of grapefruit, tropical fruit and peach. It works well alongside seafood and salads, or just as well drinking it on its own after a long hard week at work.

So here are the 10 reasons why I deserve this bottle of wine tonight!

  1. Because I managed to keep my kid alive for another week. 
  2. Because I had PMS as well as my bipolar and I never harmed anyone. 
  3. Because I managed to do 5 school drop off's on time. 
  4. Because I paid £600 worth of bills this week! 
  5. because I didn't have a meltdown when I lost my purse. It later turned up at home
  6. Because I made it round the supermarket without crying. 
  7. Because it is Friday
  8. Because I love this wine 
  9. Because it's my birthday weekend
  10. Because I dealt with stupid people all week and smiled my way through!
Cheers guys!

You can find out more about Most Wanted Wines from

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Where Can I Get An Anki OverDrive For Christmas?

When Zach was a kid, he had a Scalextric set and it was a nightmare with the fiddly bits that you put together, if you were too rough, the track would snap and to be honest it stayed in a box most of the time.

Friday, 18 November 2016

A Guest Post From Kim At Me, My Life And The Tardis

Hello my name is Kimberley I am Vicky's eldest daughter (and her favourite). I have done a few guest blog posts on here but after attending Blog On in September, I have decided to start my own blog. I thought I would spend some time here to introduce myself and my blog. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

An Open Letter To Someone Who Helped Us Heal As A Family

Dear Amber

There was a time when I thought that I would never let anyone come into my family. I wanted to protect them so much after what we had been through. I had decided that nobody would ever hurt my children again, I had decided that nobody was ever going to rip their heart out again. Sadly I was angry for a long time and nobody was going to be good enough for my family. I created a bubble and we felt safe in it.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

#Win A Family Ticket To Potted Panto.

It is that time of the year again and the big C is upon us - Yes Christmas is around the corner! It is the season of wine, chocolate and pantomines. But there are so many out there that its difficult to choose which one to go and see. So Potted Panto want to invite you to their one at the Garrick Theatre in London's West End. It is different than the other panto's that you might go and see because you can enjoy Seven classic pantomimes in eighty hilarious minutes! Double Olivier nominees Dan and Jeff return for a fourth festive season of Potted Panto, hot on the heels of their world tour of Potted Potter.

20 Things That You Never Knew About Me!

I was challenged a while ago to write 20 things about myself that nobody knows, There isnt much that people don't know because I think of myself as an open person. We all have secrets and here are a few things about me that people might not know.

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