Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Summer the Kids will Remember for a Lifetime

With half term finally here (yay!), the recent blistering heatwave driving us to the beach in droves, and the weatherman predicting one of the hottest summers in 100 years I think it’s just about time we started planning our big old summer adventure.

If, like me, you can’t find inspiration to compete with the little ones suggestion of Drayton Manor and everything Legoland then you definitely need to check out this super helpful ebook. Full of activities, destinations and day out plans each of the ideas found within this book has been put together by one of Britain’s best bloggers and is a tried and tested activity that they know your little one will enjoy.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Being A Grown Up

So Tilly and I have been living on our own for a month now and amazingly we are still both alive! I sometimes think to myself  'FFS, you are a 43 year old woman and you need to grow up!' I am useless with responsibility and I just brush it aside to do something more irresponsible, after all don't you think that is more fun?

After my son left I felt like a kid, you know when your a teenager and your mum goes on holiday and leaves you home alone for the first time? well that was me and Tilly. We bought takeaways, rearranged the house a little bit. We stayed up late and walked around the house naked. Then after that period, I started to panic about being in the home by myself, I slept with all the lights on so it looked like my house was full. I even considered setting up the house like Kevin does in Home Alone! Suddenly having to be the grown up didn't seem to be so much fun.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Epic Fails As A Parent!

The other day I fell asleep in the afternoon, I didn't mean to but I did and then I woke up at 3pm! boy did I panic, not only was I picking my own child up from primary school but also two other friends who were joining us for a small tea party and play date. I actually arrived at the school with ruffled hair, all puffed out and red. I explained to the teacher that I had fallen asleep. It was such an epic parent fail, but it isn't the first and it wont be my last! I even left a child on a train once, but that was 18 years ago and the child did eventually forgive me, even though it took a few days weeks! I have left Tilly in a shop before, not long after she was born. The aisles were so small and I couldn't get the pram down there so I left her at the end of the aisle. Now I have such poor memory and I paid for my shopping and left the shop, when I got outside I knew I was missing something. On realisation of what it was, I went back in the shop and hoped nobody had noticed. Sometimes our epic fails as a parent is funny and I asked a few other bloggers what their epic fails were, its a great way to introduce you to their fab blogs too, so please pop over and take a look.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Getting A Bottle Of Fragrance That Smells Like Daisy And Its Only £3

I am sure you all know that I work as well as write a blog, Well if you don't I work on a fragrance counter for Superdrug. We sell all ranges of fragrance from something that you could get for £10 to something more along the range of Marc Jacobs, D+G and Gucci.

I have so much fragrance at home, that I could open my own fragrance shop! One of my favourites at the moment is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I have a bottle at home and it is a premium fragrance but it lasts all day and you only need a little bit. It has a floral smell and is great for the summer. I hid my bottle from Tilly because she has been known to use a whole bottle of fragrance in a day before, but the other day she actually found my hidden bottle and has taken a liking to it ...... she is 6 years old!

Monday, 23 May 2016

What Sun Protection Should I Use?

When we go to buy sun cream, we are welcomed with shelves full of different brands and coverages, it can all be a bit daunting. So I thought I would write this simple guide to help you choose the correct sun protection that is going to keep you safe in the sun.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Thomas & Friends: The Great Race Review

Have you seen the new film to hit the cinema near to you? Thomas & Friends: The Great Race has been shown in a few cinemas this weekend for some special previews and we were invited to go along to The Vue at Westwood Cross to go and see it. We took our seats and the film began .....

Friday, 20 May 2016

Story Of A Postnatal Mummy

With Mental health being in the news a lot recently, I have gone back to think about the failings that I encountered with the people that were supposed to be helping me. Instead my own Health Visitor walked out when Tilly was 5 months old, she told me she didn't understand PND - I never saw her again! If it wasn't for charities like Home Start, I have no idea where I would be today. What you are about to read is shocking and sad, but it was also the reality of my life. I was lucky I had people to support me, I won my battle and although it has bought Bipolar to the surface, I know that I will never have a child again and therefore will never experience feelings like this. Luckily my relationship with Tilly is unbreakable!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Hot Cloth Cleansers From Superdrug

Hot Cloth Cleansers

So how many times have you seen these in the shops and wondered ho on earth you do it or been to embarrassed to ask a member of staff how to do it for fear of feeling dumb? Beauticians have been using this tecniique for many years and will charge you a large amount of your hard earned cash for the luxury of a facial.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Have You Seen The Accessories From House Of Fraser?

A couple of years ago, my son went to work as a green keeper at a golf course in Norway, this year he has gone to work at a golf course in Holland. It is good for him to go and find himself but it is always a different way of life and things are so much more expensive abroad, especially if you want your good old English brands. So if I know my son is going away I always stock up on his accessories as I like him to go prepared. He maybe 22 years old, but I still feel responsible for him!

Colour Your Own Palace And Unicorn Pencil Holder From PrezzyBox #Review

Tilly was asked to be a Kids Pundit for Prezzy box ans she reviewed a Chocolate Pizza last week and our post along with her Youtube review can be found here.

Today we bring you unicorn pencil holder and colour your own palace which Tilly was sent to review. We will start with the palace.

With the Color Your Own Palace, your child gets to design the palace exactly how they want it to be, If ever they wanted a pink palace, then this is the way to do it. It is made of a good sturdy cardboard and it is all ready cut out, so there is no need for you to press it out of any card sheets and it is ready to fold in the appropriate places. It comes with instructions that are so east to follow and a set of 12 chunky markers for them to colour it in.

It is safe and simple to make up as it doesn't need any scissors or glue, the castle just slots together. It has little windows and doors, that open and it is perfect for kids to use their little figures in. I helped Tilly to put this together because she wasn't sure how to do this herself, but she is only 6 years old. This is available for £13.99 from, so it is a pocket money toy but also ideal for a gift for a friends birthday party or Christmas.

The second item today was the unicorn Pencil Holder from PrezzyBox, This is just too cute, its magical and looks lovely on a child's desk. The Unicorn Holder has space to hold 10 pencils and they are small, so a perfect size for little hands. The unicorn is colourful and the main is rainbow coloured, it looks so magical that your child's imagination will be in its element. Again it is a perfect pocket money toy as it only costs £9.95, making it perfect for kids birthday presents or a Christmas stocking filler.