Wednesday, 26 April 2017

10 Benefits Of Being A Single Mum

Being a single mum is incredibly hard work and I am constantly tired! I have to juggle childcare between my daughter Kim, Who blogs at and friends. I often find myself asking friends to look after her at last minute and to be honest it makes me feel crap that I can't do it all myself! But although it is hard work being a single mum, there are so many benefits of being a single mum.

I Am The Only Parent

Although I have the older kids, who have been just as much part of parenting Tilly, she knows that I am her only parent. Sometimes she tells people that she doesn't have a dad, but she does and I remind her of that. She has a dad, but she doesn't have anything to do with him. Everything is down to me,

I Make The Choices

I am the one who makes the choices that involve my kids, and I have made some pretty good choices over the years - even if I do say so myself!

I Cry At Night Over My Failings As A Parent 

BUT I get all of the parental love, I get told that they don't need a dad because they love me so much. And I am the one that gets the joy of every little achievement that they do.

I Get To Celebrate Mother Day And Fathers Day

Kim has always made it a thing from when she was a child, that not only did I get treated on Mothers day, but I also acted like a dad to them too so I deserved to have Fathers day too.

I Support My Child Myself

I don't receive any child support for Tilly. Her dad said that he wasn't working and I have no idea whether he is or not now. But I don't chase him for money because I feel if he wanted to contribute to his child's life, then he would have done by now.

I Am Teaching My Child To Be Independent

Because we don't rely on anyone else to support us as a family, I am teaching my daughter that she doesn't need to rely on others. I am hopefully teaching her that she is strong enough to look after herself and that she doesn't need a man to support her. She is going to grow up as a strong woman, just like my older kids did. They grew up without a father in their life and they grew up to be strong independent people.

I Don't Let Her Down!

Being a lone parent means that I will never let her down, I have learnt this one from the past. When the older kids were growing up, they were constantly let down by their father. He would say he was coming to take them out and would never arrive. I was always the one who bought the PlayStations, the TVs, and the must have doll at Christmas. They would get a £3 gift from their dad until they were older and then it was a £20 in a card. I swore I would never let them down as a child - and I never did.

I Don't Have To Share The Love And The Joy Of Parenting

My kids belong to me! If you are not going to spend time with them, keep in contact with them, play them off against me - then you don't deserve to be part of the parenting.

I Am Proud

When the older children were little, it was still shameful to be a single mum. I swore back then that my kids would come to something and they would never be known as coming from a broken family. Single parents were always typecast as failures, If anything ever happened in town it would be blamed on 'those kids from broken homes' I took this very personally and was determined that nobody would ever talk about my kids like that. I am EXTREMELY Proud of each of my kids and the choices that they have made, some of them may not have been what I wanted, but it's what they decided they wanted to do.

I Get All The Laughter!

I don't have to share her laughter with anyone else, I created that laughter and it is in my memories, not anyone else's.

Are you a single parent? whats the best thing about it for you?

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Beautiful Paper Subscriptions From PaperHaul

Subscription boxes are very fashionable and  come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can even get them for paper now. In March we were sent a monthly subscription box from PaperHaul, I had never had a paper subscription box before so I was delightfully excited for what was to come. March subscription box had a theme called The Nautical Floral Collection, and it was almost continental in the way it was designed too. I don't know why but products with a continental look always seem so classy to me and scream out quality. You can find details of how to order at the end of the post.

Monday, 24 April 2017

How To Get The Perfect Smile

A smile often makes such a difference to your day as well as someone else. When I am at work, if a customer smiles at me then I feel so much more confident and comfortable serving them. A smile will get you attention and it is perfect for flirting.

Friday, 21 April 2017

My Kid Has An Amazing Personality!

Kids are funny aren't they and Tilly brings so much laughter to me and her sister Kim every day. I actually think that she is a clone of me because her temperament is exactly the same as mine and also her sense of humour. I see so much of Beth in her too and I do worry that the problems we have had with Beth will come to Tilly too as she is just too trusting. She is so outgoing and not scared of anything, maybe that's come from the history of her life and the things she has had to deal with at such a young age. Maybe that has made her braver than most kids. I took her to work recently so we could run a tombola stall for Marie Curie and she was standing outside of the shop, actually getting people to come inside. I think it was partially down to her cuteness and the fact that she wouldn't take no for an answer. I did have to tell her a couple of times that it was rude to follow customers that had said no and keep badgering them! But she helped to raise nearly £70 that day.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lego Storage Boxes From Red Candy

Lego - URGH! it gets everywhere, I am always finding it when it digs into my foot as I am walking barefoot through Tilly's room. I actually think the pain is worse than walking on hot coals! So I needed a solution to keeping all of her Lego together rather than the simple overflowing box that she has and it is always falling over the edge. That solution came in the form of actual Lego boxes, not only do they look like huge lego bricks but they are also stackable and have lids. They are made from a tough plastic and come in a variety of colours, so you really can have fun with a few different colours and sizes. You can get them in two sizes, they come in a four brick or an eight brick and they are so much bigger than I expected them to be (but then I am rubbish with sizing).

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Craftbox Fairy Charm Jewellery Set Review

This actually has to be the best gift EVER from Interplay! All little girls love jewellery and Tilly is no exception. This arrived in time for the Easter holidays and as the weather is getting better every day, it was a nice activity to sit outside and do in the garden.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Reason Why I Blog

People ask me why I blog and to be perfectly honest, I even ask myself that question most days! But I started my blog over 4 years ago after suffering from PND, I had it really bad and was under a psychiatrist for most of that time. I had psychosis and it wasn't pretty! But one day before Tilly's third birthday, I decided that I was ready to stop hiding from the world and I needed to let more people back into my life. So I started the blog, not knowing what to expect and being too embarrassed to share my posts those first few weeks and months. I actually thought that my blog would run for a few weeks and then I would lose interest - I got that wrong because here I am 4 years later.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Canterbury Tales Review

Having lived in Kent for about 15 years, I had never been to The Canterbury Tales, Maybe it's because the kids got older and I thought they wouldn't be interested or maybe it's because we never do the things that are on our own doorstep. The older kids went there for school trips when they were younger and I had just never got around to doing it with the Tilly.

I was invited along to The Canterbury Tales for their Medieval garden event this easter and I thought we would pop along as Tilly is now at an age where she would understand the stories a lot more. When we got there we were welcomed by a young lady dressed in costume, who was very welcoming. There was an area of dressing up clothes, that the children could dress up in to go to the attraction. Tilly didn't want to dress up, but she was told she could pop back and choose something later for the medieval garden if she wished.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hotter Valetta Shoes From Hotter Review

We were recently invited to a Hotter blogger event at their store in Canterbury, I had never really looked at Hotter shoes before because there wasn't a store near to me and I usually just grab a pair of shoes from a really cheap shoe shop like Shoe Zone. They are okay, they need replacing about once a month and when you're spending £12.99 for cheap shoes every month, there has to be a better option. So I went along to the event, not knowing what to expect, but left feeling pleasantly surprised at the selection of shoes available to people like me. So the cheap shoes I buy are not very comfortable to wear really and my feet ache after a day at work, it's all to do with the thin soles on them I think. They are so uncomfortable and bad for your feet.

Monday, 10 April 2017

LOL Doll Easter Hunt

It's Easter week already! Where has that time since Christmas gone? So who is doing an Easter hunt with their little ones? They get a bit boring with Easter eggs all the time, there is only so much chocolate a kid can have, so we have had an Easter hunt for Tilly with a difference.

We were sent a LOL surprise doll and I hid it in the garden that has been placed in the local ruins on a castle. We picked up a cheap Easter egg hunt kit from the Pound shop and we were off. I placed signs for her to follow and along the way, there were some extra little surprises to keep the suspense up and keep her focused on the big prize at the end of the hunt. Tilly has trouble reading due to her dyslexia and this was a perfect opportunity to get her to do some reading in the school holiday too as she had to read the direction signs.

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