Saturday, 23 July 2016

Playing Happy Families With Go For It Games

Times have changed so much since the older kids were little and there are so many more games to play with our children these days and then when you through technology in to the equation too, you realise that its a different kind of childhood for the kids growing up today. Sometimes I worry that Tilly misses out on the fun stuff that we all used to do as children. When we were asked to try out some Go Fish / Happy family cards, I thought it would be a good chance to get some family time in and to teach Tilly some cards.

The cards are designed especially with your family name on them, We chose 'HALL' as it was my maiden name, and it is important to keep your maiden name alive in the family. The cards come from and a a bargain at £6.99. You get a full pack of cards and they have scenario's such as Miss Hall at the barbeque or Master Hall at Christmas. You get the full instructions for Happy Families and Go Fish as well as 4 blank cards that your children can draw on or you could stick pictures of your family on, this would make it so much more personalised to your family.

The cards come with a sheet of gift wrap with Hall written all over it, just big enough to cover your box, to make the gift more exciting when giving it to the recipient. You get free delivery on the cards too, so the price you see is the whole price that you will pay when you get to the check out. 

The cards are ideal for wet afternoons and journeys that you're about to take with your children. You can buy them here and you will also find other games available to buy.

We did enjoy playing with these cards because it is a traditional game bought right up to date to keep the attention of the kids these days. We are a family that goes to amusement parks and to have it printed on cards is funny. They are a really good price and are perfect for pocket money toys, they also make great stocking fillers and will definitely be on the list for some Christmas presents this year. They make perfect gifts for school friends parties too. What are you waiting for?

You can win your own personalised pack of cards by entering the competition below

Friday, 22 July 2016

A Visit To Amsterdam With Hilton Hotels

So here we are one more sleep until we head off to the airport to embark on our European trip! We can't really call it a holiday because to me a holiday would be no alrams set and a sunny relax om a beach somewhere! So we are going on an adventure (more exciting in Tilly's mind). We have many cities on our must do list and one of them is Amsterdam, a place I have never been.
Growing up as a child in Germany, we always made trips to The Netherlands - but never Amsterdam

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Beets Blu Scales Review

The Beets Blu weighing scales don't just weigh you, they also calculate your BMI and with the help of the app it will track your weight loss over time. The scales are a flush black glass and have metal squares that you pop your feet on to make a connection with the scales. To use these scales, you need to put them on a flat surface, so try to avoid using them on the carpet or lino, because you will get an inaccurate result. So we use ours on the concrete steps outside and we get a good result, always use the scales in the same place too to get the same results.

You simply stand on the scales, making the connection with the metal squares on the scales and you get a reading on the scales, the readings on the scales are easy to read and very clear. Then the readings are transferred by bluetooth technology to your Iphone app or android app and you get the readings on your phone. The app will help you to track multiple users,, so there is no need to download and app for everyone. You can set your goals and monitor your weight over time. Everybody knows that when you are trying to lose weight, you don't just track the weight loss. You also like to track your body fat percentage, water and muscle level mass.

So what did we think?

The scales come with the option to change from KGs to LBs and it is easy to swap between the two options. Even if you are rubbish at technical things like I can be sometimes, you will find these Beets Blu weighing scales really easy to use because the app does the working out for you.

The app is easy to download from your app store, all you search for is Beets Blu Weighing Scales or you can scan the app code that is on the back of the box. The app is free to download and use, so really once you have made the initial purchase of the scales, there is nothing more to pay for. It is cheaper to buy these Beets Blu weighing scales scales for £49.95, than it is to keep going to a slimming club, where they will tell you the exact same thing as the scales will tell you and you have it in the privacy in your own home.

The app is easy to understand and a brilliant way to track weight loss. It helps you to keep track of your health and you could use it along side the Beets Blu Heart Monitor which helps keep track of exercise. The scales are accurate as long as you keep them flat, we used them on our front steps. I like that you can choose between the Lbs and Kgs, I am a Lbs girl but so many measurements are Kgs these days, so with the switch of a button, you can alternate as needed

 Please pop over to Amazon to take a look and read more reviews on the Beets Blu scales. We would give these a 5/5

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Visit To Oxford Castle Unlocked And The Castleyard Cafe Review

My family and I were asked by if we could do a blog for her. Of course we would do something for my best friend. Vicky what beauty products would you like us to try? (I have a teenage girl.) Nope, fancy a trip to Oxford Castle?

Is there castle still standing?

Wow yeah why not? I love history. You never know it might help the kids with a school topic. So a booking on the tour and voucher for the newly refurbished and renamed café, ‘Castleyard café’ all booked for the 17th of July.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Norm Of The North Available On DVD Now

Norm Of The North is about A polar bear of many words, The film follows Norm as he gets annoyed with tourists coming to the Arctic and it gets worse when he discovers a maniacal developer threatens to build luxury condos in his own backyard, What would a polar bear do in this situation? Well of course he stows away on a ship to New York City to put a stop to the whole plan. With a cast of ragtag lemmings at his side, Norm takes on the big apple, big business and a big identity crisis to save the day. Does he succeed? you will need to watch the film that now available on digital download and DVD

Monday, 18 July 2016

Nu Skin So Summer Collection With 20% Offer and Competition

Nu Skin are a Scandinavian skin care company that are specialists in anti aging skin care products as well as a range of cosmetics. The main reason that I use them is because at the age of 43 and working two jobs, often working online at home until 3am and then getting up again at 7am to go to work - it takes its toll and I need all the help that I can get! My life style doesn't help my skin and it is often in need of some extra loving care. Being 43 years old with a 6 year old child makes me worry that I am going to look like her grandma at school , not the look I am aiming for. So how to I counteract all of the skin care problems? Its easy witht he help from Nu Skin. My skin is sensitive and and I have very dry patches on my face due to the psoriasis that I battle with. Sarting today and ending on 31st July, there is 20% off the following three products when you order them from

Thursday, 14 July 2016

How To Get Firmer Skin For Summer - The Galvanic Body Spa Trio Review

It looks like the summer has finally arrived for us and whether we are going away for the summer or staying home and spending some time on a staycation, we want a to feel comfortable enough to show some of our body off. I am 43 now and my body needs all the help I can get, I am always looking for something to help to keep my body toned and to help with the anti ageing process. This is where I was introduced to ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa. It is a system that works along side the ageLOC Body Shaping Gel to achieve a more firmed, toned, younger looking body.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Gruffalo Live At The Lyric Theatre in London Review

The Gruffalo is a story that has been around for nearly 20 years after it was written by Julia Donaldson. It has become a modern classic and the story of the Gruffalo's encounter with the little brown mouse in the deep dark wood draws children and adults in to it.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How To Order Business Cards From Colour Graphics

I needed some new business cards, I seem to get through loads of them when I am out and about on business with the blog, so I always try and buy them in bulk and always look around online to try and get a good deal.

I was offered some business cards from Colour Graphics in exchange for an honest review. I am used to buying cheaper business cards where you design the cards as you go along or companies where the cards are bespoke made for you and there is no stress with thinking about the design. Colour Graphics work differently to both of these kinds of websites and at first I did find it quite confusing to use the website. They offer a wide range of products from business cards to business stands to really help you to promote your business.

Monday, 11 July 2016

23 Things To Take On Holiday – The Naughty Girls Guide

Do you go on holiday with the girls? I do at least once a year, I am lucky to always have someone to look after Tilly for me whilst I am away. Now when I am on holiday I am not Tillys mummy for the whole time, in fact I become Vicky the naughty ringleader who gets everyone up to no good. I have had quite a few holidays to Butlins as an adult weekender, they are fun filled with people dressed up and so many naughty shenanigans going on – but we live by the rule that what happens on holiday, stays on holiday! Anyway over the years we have become quite the expert at getting things together for a girlie holiday, so I thought I would share the list with you guys, because everyone loves going on a girlie holiday!

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