Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tilly has taken a group of her friends to Kidzania before and they all had an awesome time. You pay to get in and then it is like a little city full of place for the kids to get to work. I had seen a lot of advertisement about Kidzania, so I knew what to expect when we got there. The girls all had a fab time and had lots of memories made.  They were able to become special care baby nurses and dental nurses. They made ice creams and learned how to work on a sports car. There is a wide range of jobs to do and there is a limit to the amount of children doing the activities which means they get the full attention of the person running the activity.There are usually 4 or 6 children doing some activities but ones like the fire engine/ ambulance and hospital have more children participating at the same time.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How Do You Play Snatch?

Have you heard the new must have app on your smart phone? If you like Pokemon then you will love Snatch! it works on the same idea as Pokemon, where you walk the streets and collect things. Instead of Pokemon, you are collecting parcels. These parcels contain prizes of gifts and cash as well as coins to enable you to carry on playing the game. The app is easy to download you can get it from Google app store or Apple app store.

Once it is downloaded you need to add your details, it is really easy to sign up and when you have signed up it will ask you for a referral code, this is where you add KERSQW. This should give us extra coins to play.  When you have set it up and loaded up the map, you should be good to go. Now the game works on the same principle as Pokemon and you walk around collecting the parcels. You can collect 10 at any time and you have to keep hold of them for 6 hours before it reveals what you have won. You need to keep hold of these boxes and make sure nobody takes them.

Fairies and Friends From Interplay Review

Fairies play a big part of kids lives and I believe in adding magic to Tilly's life. Magical creatures make kids dreams come true and they help to build their imagination. Tilly has a fairy garden and recently was sent a set of  Fairies and Friends from Interplay to add to her garden. She had previously been sent a Fairy Flowerpot From Interplay and now she has extra fairies and creatures to go with it.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Half Term Hygge With Plusnet

How is half term going? We had half term last week and it was a very busy one indeed! So much so that by Wednesday we just wanted to spend the day in bed watching movies - So you know what? that's what we did. We made it cosy and we had a lovely package from Plusnet to help us with our project.

We lucky had a random pole, don't ask me why I have a random metal pole in my house .... I have no idea. I guess I thought it would come in handy one day. We took a giant sheet and draped it over the head board. We already had Christmas lights wrapped around the head board, so that offered a cosy setting and made it a bit lighter in there.  The metal pole then helped to hold the sheet in place and gave us enough space to sit side by side and watch Harry Potter on Tillys Kindle. She has just discovered this movie, so we were ready for a full movie marathon on Wednesday.

Monday, 20 February 2017

10 Things To Take on Holiday.With Mark Warner Holidays

So its that time of the year again where it is so cold and EVERYONE is thinking about booking summer holidays. Its grim isn't it? Its been a really long and cold winter and we all yearn to get a tan from somewhere! Tilly and I are amongst that list of people, we are desperate to get away. We live on the sea front on Kent, but there is nothing like getting away to a sand filled beach, drinking cocktails and relaxing. Real life is a million miles away when you're on a sun holiday and there isn't a worry in the world. So we have decided to join in with the Mark Warner Ambassador Scheme to try to become one of their highly esteemed bloggers for 2017. The idea was that the bloggers have to do a board with the 10 things that they take on holiday with them. I had an amazing idea and my list was so full of fun things, but then Tilly decided she was taking charge and was going to do a list of things that little girls need to take on holiday with them.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

An Open Letter To Tiffany And Co

Dear Tiffany and Co,

We love your stores world wide and in the past I have been in a few of your stores, like Zurich, London and New York. My older girls loved to go in there with their saved up money and buy some jewellery. Over the years, my financial situation changed and I could no longer afford to shop in there.

Friday, 17 February 2017

We Are Going To Rave-A-Roo In London, Are You?

It is coming to the end of Tillys half term break from school, its been quite a busy one this time round with a mammoth shopping trip in London on Monday and the L.O.L Surprise toy launch. So on Saturday we are going to end the week off in style. We are going to London again (London is where all the cool stuff happens) and we are off to The Ministry of Sound! I know right? The Ministry of Sound! We are going to help to celebrate Rave-A-Roo's first birthday.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Will You Win A New Nintendo Switch (RRP£270) At GEEK In Dreamland

Are you a Geek? Do you know a Geek? Well we have some news today to make your weekend fun. Dreamland in Margate are welcoming you all to their GEEK weekend, a three day event of play and gaming to entertain the whole family. The GEEK event runs from 17th to 19th of February and we will be there on the Friday.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Unboxing A L.O.L Surprise Doll

Do you have an unboxing fan in your household, then this blog post is for you. Tilly loves to watch unboxing videos on Youtube and she I am sure she isn't the only one. L.O.L surprises have developed a toy to suit all those unboxing fans. It is a ball that you get to choose and it has 7 layers. These 7 layers have 7 surprises for you to enjoy, leading to the best surprise in the middle of the ball.

Monday, 13 February 2017

New Releases Coming To Netflix Soon

As a response to market demand, Netflix has been making consistent effort to stream more of TV shows and series since 2016. This trend is highly likely to continue in 2017 in a bid to keep Netflix at the top of its competitors on the most popular streaming services list. Bearing this in mind, accessing the best content from Netflix would mean you’d have to change your Netflix region to the US. The VPN Guru has written an article about that matter. Here are some of the Netflix Original TV Shows you can expect to watch in this year.
Best 6 Netflix Originals Coming in 2017.jpeg

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