Monday, 20 November 2017

Tilly Is Not Letting Dyslexia Beat Her!

Monday morning and here I am feeling pretty smug as Tilly has had the most excellent weekend with her reading. It's a little over a little year that we discovered that Tilly had severe dyslexia. A year ago when she was in year 2, she was at reception level for her reading and writing. At a meeting last week we found out that she is now only a year behind. She struggled when she started in year 3 and it was heartbreaking to watch her cry everytime she had to go to school. To see her scared to do the tests when she has finished her reading book and to see her anxiety got through the roof. Then suddenly out of nowhere, she seemed to get the grasp of reading.... you know when they say that a light bulb suddenly switched on? Well, that happened!

Easy Photo Gift Ideas

Not so long ago, I was going through some of our old photos and realized that a lot of the best ones barely see the light of day. They just sit there in a digital format not being looked at and enjoyed. This is a real shame because, over the years, on days out and while travelling. We have taken some nice photos. So, I have resolved to do more with our pictures. Below are a few ideas I have come up with to help me to do this.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Whats The Best Eyelash Serum Treatment To Use?

I always feel if I am down, then my hair and nails always suffer, then that in itself makes me feel even more down! So it seems like a never decreasing circle with me. This year my lashes seem to have suffered quite a bit and now it has been to sort myself out and get it all fixed. I was sent some Nu Colour Nutriol Eyelash Treatment to try out and rescue my lashes.

It looks like a mascara wand and comes in a sleek white packaging. What you do is simply apply it the same as you would a mascara, The wand  has proper little bristles, which is always a winner with me because I find them easy to use and the application on my eyes is so much better. With this eye lash treatment, you do not get too much of the treatment on the brush. When there is too much on the brush, it becomes harder to apply and then it takes forever to dry. So this treatment applies the right amount to your eyes. With continual use, you will find that the treatment will make your lashes look longer and fuller because of the conditioning gel within the treatment. The conditioning treatment also makes the eye lashes feel less brittle and people start to notice your eyelashes.

What Do You Buy The Mum Who Has Everything?

It's my birthday next week and as its so close to Christmas, Kim often finds it difficult to shop for me. Most of the gift ideas in shops at the moment are based on Christmas and as I work on a fragrance counter, she can't get me perfume. So here is a little wish list of gifts to help find the perfect gift for someone you love, whether is birthdays, Christmas or just because you love them.

A Clock - Boy do I need this! I am the friend that is never on time. I always seem to think that time is on my side and that I can magically make up time on the school run when I leave home 10 minutes later than I should. I am the friend that turns up at the pub after everyone has already had two vodka and cokes and I the mother that is always late for EVERYTHING. In this day and age with smartwatches and mobile phones, there is no excuse to be late, but I never look at the time on my phone! I actually need is a clock, one that I can pop on a shelf in my office or put on the wall so that it is in my eye line. I suppose people never think of buying a clock because of the fact that we have them on our phones etc, but sometimes you just need a clock too.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tilly's Appointment With CAMHS And The Disappointment It's Left

Recently I had an appointment with Tilly at the child mental health unit to discuss how she is and to see if they can help her with her anxiety. So I took her to the appointment after I collected her from school. Took a 40-minute bus ride to the next town where the appointment was and arrived in the nick of time. I was rushing about and explained that we only had until 4pm to get the last bus home. The appointment seemed to go well and we decided that the best way to help Tilly was through a counsellor at school. I do prefer this option because it means that she doesn't miss any school time and I don't have to get that damned bus to the next town.

I have seen on Facebook where people have been worried about these appointments in the past and I thought to myself... Hmmm there was nothing wrong with that and we seem to have decided an outcome to help Tilly, so I was happy when we left.

Turn Your House Into A Home (Without Major Renovations!)

Everyone aspires to have their dream home, but if you’re living in a modest sized family home, the idea of creating a bigger and beautiful living space can seem just that – a dream. But did you know that you don’t have to get the builders in to give your home a style injection or the feel of a complete revamp? 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Whats Your Christmas Playlist? Top 8 Christmas Songs

I work in retail and from November 1st we have had Christmas songs playing over the company radio station. they catch you out because they start with slotting one song a day in and before you know it, you're a week into November and every alternate song is a Christmas  song. Not that I mind because when I am at work, I normally switch off to the radio because you hear the same songs again and again and often you're too busy to listen. But we all love Christmas songs, don't we? It doesn't matter whether the song is a few years old or 40 years old - Christmas songs never actually seem to age ....

10 Reasons To Buy A candle As A Gift.

One of the things that I love the most about the winter is the fact that its time to get the candles out. I use candles in the summer but you never seem to get the full effect of it unless it's a dark evening. I love it in the winter too because the candle aromas are more Christmas like and there is just something cosy about it.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tips On Buying Skates For Your Child At Christmas From Skate Hut

Tilly is such an outdoor child, if she isn't whizzing about on her scooter then she has her roller skates on and is stumbling around the garden and street in them. She got roller skate last Christmas as a gift from a very good friend of mine and she absolutely loves them, so today I am helping you to choose the correct skates and safety equipment for your child.

The Skates

You can choose from skates with 4 wheels, heelies or inline skates. personally, Tilly has some 4 wheel skates and she learned to use them so quickly. Skates with 4 wheels are the easiest for your child to start with, you will find that they manage to stay on their feet more than they do falling over. You don't need to wear shoes with these roller skates and they are easy to slip on and off. Heelies are effectively trainers with a pair of wheels on the heel. Heelies are probably more fashionable for the older child and more convenient because they simply turn into trainers when you are not whizzing around on the wheels. Inline skates are for the more advanced skater amongst us, for the older child that is experienced with skating. Inline skates are better for speed skating and your child can get about faster.

Hey, Thats My Fish! Game Review And How To Play

This month as part of the Esdevium Games Blogger Board Game Club, we were sent 'Hey, that's my fish!'. It is a perfect stocking filler for kids this Christmas and it is so easy to play. The game is for 2 to four players and it comes with 16 playing pieces and 60 ice floes. The ice floes are turned upside down and shuffled, then you turn them over and start arranging them in a honeycomb shape. You lay them in a row of 8 ice floes and the next row has 7 ice floes, Then you place 8 ice floes and so it goes on.

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