Friday, 24 June 2016

#EnjoyMoreWater With Robinsons Squash'd

I am the first one to admit Tilly doesn't drink enought water, Its not that she drinks rubbish instead, it is just that she is not a great drinker at all. So we were offered some Robinsons Squash'd to see if we could take the  #EnjoyMoreWater challange with her. So this post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons.

We were sent a selection of drinks and a star  fruit chart to record how much she is drinking. We started on a ............. and she only had two drinks through out the day, so we didn't do too well but by the Wednesday we seemed to be on a roll, my life seemed to be disorganised but my daughter was drinking more water YAY ME! It did help that it was sports day and she needed the water to keep rehydrated and energetic. By the weekend and 6 days in she had more than doubled her water intake, I really think that the fruit chart really does help because the kids see it as fun and get excited about choosing a fruit to pop on the chart.

Water is important for our bodies in so many ways, here are just a few.

  • Our bodies are made of about 80% of water and during our day we sweat and we pee, so we MUST replace that water otherwise we simply cannot survive. We will just dehydrate.
  • We need water to help us to concentrate, it is especially important for kids because they need to concentrate at school and drinking water is going to make it so much easier for them to concentrate. Lack of water is one of the top reasons for fatigue through the day.
  • Drinking water helps to keep your body healthy and well, it flushes out toxins from your body and keeps your kidneys and liver clean by washing out waste product.
  • This one is mainly for us mums and dads, but water is really good for your skin, if you don't drink enough then your skin will start to dry out and it will make your skin look wrinkled (or in my case - more wrinkled)
  • Drinking sufficient amounts of water will stop yourself and your child being constipated. 
The bottles of Squashed come in a range of different flavours and include the new Lemon and Lime flavour as well as Orange and Peach. The Lemon and Lime was really popular with Tilly and her friends as it was so refreshing.

So how did we get her to drink more water?
  • We put it into a water bottle so we could measure properly, how much she was drinking. 
  • We let her choose which flavour she wanted, it did help to have a range of flavours at home.
  • We popped one in our bag when we were out, so if she was thirsty, we just bought her a bottle of water and added the flavour
  • We made some fizzy water with our Soda Stream, this is just water with a bit of gas in it, it is completely sugar free and then add the Squash'd and you have a completely sugar free fizzy drink, that is essentially just water and fruit
  • Add fresh fruit to their water, this infuses the water with fresh fruit and is sugar free, it just adds flavour to water. 
  • Make a jug of water that your child can help them self to, they don't need to keep asking and it is ready for them and cold in the fridge.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Dreamland Is A Year Old, Happy Birthday Dreamland!

At the weekend we were invited along by Dreamland in Margate to help them to celebrate their first birthday. we weren't the only ones who decided to go there this weekend, another 14,000 decided that as it was a good weekend they would come too. This was double the amount of people that had been expected and it helps to show that they really do have a good summer coming up. They have recently decided to get rid of the entry tickets and instead they now sell wrist bands for unlimited rides and entry to the park is free.

I am not a big ride person and it now means that I can buy Tilly a wrist band and I just need a few tokens to go on the one or two rides that I like with Tilly. This is so much better for parents on a budget and it makes the summer for affordable. Free entry is definitely the way forward. You can buy tokens if you only want to go on one ride or two and the tokens are £1.

We had a great time and if you buy a wristband in advance they cost as little as £8, or you can buy an access all areas wrist band for as little as £12. With you get into the roller disco and Octopus Garden too. In my honest opinion, this is the way forward and I wish Dreamland all the best for the coming summer.

We went to Dreamland with the guys from and  we arrived about 11am, giving us a full day there. You cannot take food into Dreamland now and you will get your bags checked on the way in, but that is normal these days when you go to any attraction. The staff were all interacting with the customers in Dreamland and ensured that everyone was having a great time. Tilly has been waiting for a ghost train since Dreamland opened, now they have one and she was thrilled to go on it. She is still a bit small to go on quite a few of the rides herself, but she is only 6 years old and she is a bit of an Adrenalin junkie, other 6 year old's are quite happy going on the smaller rides. We were thrilled to see the Caterpillar roller coaster back in the park, it was one of Tilly's favourite rides last summer,

This summer, make sure you take a visit to Dreamland, It is easy to get to from London, you can either go from St Pancras or London Charing Cross, just pop over to, they will help you buy the right tickets and get the best price. When you arrive in Margate, you will find yourself inside Dreamland within a 5 minutes.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Year On From The Devastation That Hit My Family

Its been nearly a whole year since my world fell apart, Its been nearly a year since I was told about the things my daughters boyfriend had done and little did we know the impact it would have on my family. We never knew that things were going to go from bad to worse in a matter of months.

Being a mum is difficult at the best of times but being a mum in the middle of a family crisis is incredibly difficult. I am so thankful for the support network that I had at the time, there were those that made life even more difficult and I will never forget how they were. I decided from the beginning to be open and honest about what had happened, well actually it took about three weeks for me to take it all in and process the horror of it all. But as I started to tell people what was happening, I had an over whelming amount of support. I decided that I needed to be strong and face it head on, this way I was telling everyone what was happening  and not waiting for people to gossip about what was happening behind my back. When people gossip, they change the facts and it gets twisted, at least telling people and being open and honest mean't that I at least had some control over what had  happened.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My #BML16 Introduction Post


My name: Vicky Hall-Newman

Find me on social media atFacebook Twitter and Instagram

How I look: I am the lady that doesn't do mornings, so don't expect someone with make up on. You will be lucky if I get to Brit mums without cereals thrown down my clothes from my daughter, who isn't even a baby anymore. I am the mum with natural silver highlights, but like I said to Tilly the other day, when she kindly pointed them out - i earn't every one of those silver hairs ;) I am not sure what I am wearing yet, but it will be something comfortable as its going to be a long day. Any way here is a picture of how I look.

Monday, 20 June 2016

How To Get The Festival Look With Bratz #Bratzfest

So it seems to be festival season again, its the time for us to grab our festival clothes, dig out or wellies because it always rains at festivals) and let your hair down and enjoy the music. Whether you actually manage to make it to Glastonbury or British Summer time 2016, or you're watching it on the TV, in the comfort of your own home then you need to get into the festival feeling. Tilly is such a huge music fan and will watch all types of concerts whether she is watching outside a pub on a Sunday afternoon or we go to a theatre to watch a band. She loves it. Tilly is a Bratz fan and she does take inspiration from things in her life, her toys, the TV and her friends. She really does use her imagination and she wanted to dress uplike her doll, so here we are to show you how to get the festival look like a Bratz Festival Vibes Doll

Friday, 17 June 2016

When You're Stuck With A Choice

This week has seemed a bit of a strange one. I feel so disconnected with the real world, I feel like I don't know where to turn or what to do with my life. I have worked for my company for the best part of nearly 11 years, and they have been such a great company to work for. they were supportive when I had Tilly and they are great for working parents, but i am feeling more and more that I am not being challenged at work. I feel like I do the same thing over and over again when i a there. I need something to challenge me, I need to get my brain working. Maybe that's it, I feel brain dead at work.